Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hello operator...

..could you help me place this call?

Me oh my!
 I feel like I am so behind in everything-I'm getting caught up after the weekend, Frankie is coming home tomorrow after an 11 day Asia trip,  and I have SO much to share about my clickinwalk
that I'm a teeny tiny bit overwhelmed at the moment. I did want to post a little treasure I found from the weekend. Honestly, I wanted this baby to come home with me in the worst way! I think I may have to go hunt one down now...
 ...cause I need one! 

I'm sharing over at Kim's  

Happy (ringy dingy) snapping!

P.S. I used Kim's "roidlove" on my image.


  1. I love vintage anything. I've been searching for one of these at the flea markets/estate sales. Haven't found one yet! :-(
    ♫ Ring-y Ding-y ♪ to you! xo

  2. Ooooh I love this shot! It looks so vintage and perfect :)

  3. I love this phone! We have an old black dial phone in the kitchen... :)

  4. LOVE that phone!
    And your photo, of course.

  5. Great shot of this vintage phone.....

  6. That is a very sweet phone, and brings up so many memories...My grandparents had one like this in their basement and we had discovered how to dial the phone to make it ring back and had so much fun pranking everyone! :)

  7. Just a few years ago, I threw mine away that we had left....it dialed but had been converted to when they switched to the pulse tone. Mine was a beige wall phone. I regret pitching it though. I so remember the old black phones and when there was a word exchange in front of the numbers. I still remember ours from when I was a child. It was Dupont and then the number. How fun your photo of that era. :)


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