Saturday, September 28, 2013



I drove to  Leonis Adobe out in Calabasas today for several reasons. 
For one, I have my first photo Clickin walk
 out in Laguna. 
 I'm going to be with other woman photographers & I want to look like I know what I'm doing! Another reason is I'm committed to really understanding shooting technical & with purpose. Frankie can a test that I am so NOT technical. My mind just doesn't work that way. The words may as well be in Chinese if I have to read a manual!
 But, once I put my mind to something, well, there's no telling what great things I can do! 
Noon time shooting is the scariest, most apprehensive,  most challenging time of day for me. We don't have a lot of cloudy days so lighting is harsh-to say the least. Now that puts limits to when I can shoot-who wants to be limited?
 Not me...
 I found a sun dial in the garden...pretty close to noon!

I took A LOT of photos and am excited to share them...but slowly!
I'm posting a few of my favorites today.

What can I say? I'm a bokeh floozy!

This is a Percheron, native to France. Known for their poise and grace, were the horses knights in armor used for their mounts.
{happy sigh}

It was really nice museum. It seemed the perfect day to visit, even though it was 93*. I accomplished what I set out to do- NOT USE ANY DUMMY MODES.
 Is there room for improvement? ALWAYS. Will I have fun trying? ABSOLUTELY
Think I'm ready for Laguna!
Happy (find your bliss) snapping!


  1. yes, noon is definitely challenging with its harsh shadows and bright light, but your photos are brilliant...nice job!! I had my clickin' mom walk today...check my blog for pics. Have fun on yours!! PS...I think I'm a bokeh floozy too....giggle

  2. You did great. Practice is what we do every day. I am not big on the technical stuff either, that has a slow learning curve for me.

  3. You done good Sis!!!
    Have fun today ... tell me all about it.
    Maybe next year there will be a "ClickinMom" walk in my area.
    **hugs** xoxo

  4. So fun! I love the sheep photo most of all. Your photos are gorgeous dummy-mode or not. But I'm like you. I'm wanting to figure it all out.

  5. Or is it a goat? (Don't laugh. I really do know them apart.)

  6. fantastic shots! well done:0

    have a great rest of your weekend.

    p.s. this is the first time i've been to this site and am glad i have!

  7. Well done! I still try to understand the manual of my camera! Am hopeless with all the technical stuff as well.Start a class next week and I hope it will help me to make better pictures!

  8. Lover of the Percherons. Magnificent horses.

  9. Beautiful photos! So glad you have fun :) I adore that horse and the sheep...perfecto!

  10. Love that sheep! Great photos my dear!

  11. Wow, these turned out great! Awesome job! And you crack me up - but I have to admit, I'm a bokeh floozy too! :)

  12. These are all incredible bokeh-liciousness!! Love the one of the leaves overhung with the buggy (?). So Glad you had a great time! xo


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