Tuesday, September 10, 2013


...you're just late to the party

...some days you wish you were more computer savvy 
...some days you wish you had a "sharpen/defog" action in your brain
...some days you hope to much 
...some days are just a jumble 
...some days are so fun at work you think you're a genius...even for a short time
...some days you gotta crack open a bottle of Merlot
...some days you hold dying critters
...some days you over eat at dinner and feel miserable
...some days you want to blame your camera
...some days you shouldn't pick your camera up
...some days you just need to document
...some days you miss your kids~especially if they are having your 1st grand baby or stationed in Korea 
...some days your wish your dad didn't Alzheimers
...some days you wish your mom didn't have a mental disease
...some days you don't know if "some days" is one word or two


Happy (better tomorrow) snapping


  1. yea....some days are like that. I hope tomorrow is better

  2. You've got that right! I hope you have some great moments mixed in with some of those days. 'Cause sometimes, the good moments are the best we can get! Hugs.

  3. Yep...shout and let it all out and hope for a better tomorrow! Have a good day today!

  4. They say a burden shared is half the trouble or something like that. My dad passed from Alzheimer's in 2007, so I can relate somewhat to that situation. Take care -- tomorrow is another day. xo

  5. I can relate to soooo many of these ...
    I just keep trying to make "some day" into "today" :)

    1. Im glad there are connections!! Thanks for stopping in!

  6. Some days you just need a hug ..... **hugs**

  7. Sometimes when we have days like this, we just need to go play for awhile...Wish I were closer and I would take you for a playdate....I hope tomorrow is less stressful....

  8. Oh yeah, I have a some days list too...and although I don't necessarily like some of your some days, I loved this post!

  9. oh, some days, yes those days...


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