Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hello my name is...

and I'm a Critter/Monarch snap-a-holic

I'm pretty sure I have reached an illegal and obscene amount of photos on caterpillars...

(affectionally referred to as "critters") 


...and butterflies.

It's not my fault...really. 
How can you not marvel and wonder and want to take photos of these creatures? They're here for such a fleeting moment-But sometimes I get lucky and few will stick around.
I feel as though I have to capture their story.

I can definitely notice the fall lighting happening around 4p.m. 

 It's pure magic.

Happy (fall capture) snapping!

Camera Critters


  1. They are quite amazing and beautiful creatures. I see very few butterflies around our place but we have relatively few plants that would attract them. If they lived here, I am sure I would have very full large files of butterfly photos too.

  2. Oh these are spectacular, and as many as I have taken it's so fun to yours in a different setting...Love the ones shot through the bare branches!! xo

    I feel the same way, not a one gets away without a mug shot, of course in the photos, well you know they all look the same. I made the mistake of taking so many and not editing as I went along. But when I took my blog break, I really took a break from the computer all together...I don't know if I will ever get through them all to get the best ones for my series....sigh (happy of course)

  3. They're lovely ... what a great experience.
    You know, I spotted one....just one.....Monarch butterfly this year.
    I never tire of your photos of them.

  4. Exquisite!
    I could never tire seeing images like these.
    The Monarch I posted is the first one I've seen in the six years I've lived in this area. I think I got lucky that day. :)

  5. Between you and Kim at "Picking Poppies" wonder I never see any of these beauties around here. The two of you apparently have a monopoly on all these beautiful critters :). Gorgeous photos Kelly! You certainly have a way with both the critters AND the camera!

  6. Such beauties! You captured them so great! Absolutely fantastic shots!

  7. Your butterfly and caterpillar photos make me happy. I had never heard of anyone actually helping them and protecting them through the process. Now I know two butterfly mamas!

  8. Like how you've captured the different phases -- quite lovely Kelly.

  9. What beautiful butterfly and caterpillar images! I broke my Nikon a few years back trying to take a picture of a butterfly. I stepped in a hole while following it and down went me and the camera. :)


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