Thursday, September 19, 2013

Friday's letter's...

...finds & randomness

Dear week,
You brought much cooler weather and that makes me happy. I love being able to turn off the AC. Frankie and I sleep so much better with night air caressing our skin.

Dear Brain,
You need to shut down after that 4 a.m. potty run. 
does anyone have any self help suggestions for this girl? Trying to talk  soothe myself back into dreamland  & telling myself that nothing is important about the shopping list, or the bank or anything else but SLEEP isn't working{sigh}

Dear Screech Owls,
You are very loud at 3 a.m. You don't know this, but I'll be up 4 a.m. emptying my bladder and then trying to get back to sleep. 

Dear Green Thumb,
THANK YOU! You are THE ONLY nursery in town that carries milkweed that hasn't been sprayed with pesticides for the aphids. As much as I hate those buggers, I was never so happy to see a few on the plants. Then I knew my hungry critters would not die a painful death~ 
(yes that happened this week from poisoned milkweed from another nursery)

We find this kitty eating the food we put out for the Ravens. So we bought kitty treats thinking maybe we can woo him/her. So far no luck.  Like we need one more critter to feed around here. Hey...I guess we kinda have an Urban Farm... 

...or is that a stretch? I mean we've this kitty, we've got Ravens, Scrubs and Critters. Not to mention skunks, possums and raccoons that visit
~just sayin~

Kim Klassen dot Com

Hi Nancy over at

1. I'm going on my first Clickinmoms Walk  at the end of the month out in Laguna Beach. I'm really excited to meet other women photographers from So. Cal. 

2. I love to drink Merlot and visit wineries.

3. I've never had surgery.

4. I will ALWAYS pick up a penny. It's like bad karma if I don't.

5. I'm a cheese freak...I eat it all...except Provolone and Limburger.

Happy (weekend) snapping!


  1. Wish I could help you with the "potty break" issue. I got up at 2am...and I am still awake! Ugh!

  2. Ugh! That "potty break" wake-up call and then not getting back to sleep!!! Happens to me between 2:00 and 3:00 and then with Tom not sleeping well so he's up and down like a yo-yo and that keeps me awake! I'm lucky if I get a solid 3 hours of sleep at night ... :-(
    Have fun with your Clickinmoms walk.... sounds like fun.

  3. Hate it when I wake up like that too, I don't go back to sleep either! Enjoyed reading your 5!

  4. That is a pretty kitty.

    Your sweet dreams picture is wonderful!

  5. Oh we are definitely AC, love critters, trouble sleeping, going on the Clickin' Moms walk, we are going to Greek Town or is it China Town, one of those. Always love your images and your posts!!

  6. Oh, what a sweet cat !
    Interesting post, Kelly, I enjoyed your random 5 !
    That photo walk sounds nice, have fun ...

  7. Awww, adorable kitty! I hope he/she warms up to you. I know what you mean about not needing any more animals to feed, but I can always find room for one (or two) more :) I've never had surgery either, and I hope it stays that way for the both of us haha!

  8. Know what you mean about the potty breaks. I try to keep my eyes as closed as possible and feel my way so I won't completely wake up. Sometimes its works and sometimes it doesn't...what can I say....

    I do hope the kitty takes a liking to you so she will be fed and cared for....Sometimes we just don't recognize what is good for us do we?

  9. I love your randomness! My brain on jet-lag is the same. It goes, "let's discuss every stupid decision you've ever made at 4am!" The Rescue Remedy really helps. I also pick up pennies, but now that they have been discontinued in Canada, I guess it's only English pennies for me. :)

  10. Kelly,
    I love the tranquility of your first shot.
    I frequently make the early morning potty run and try to fall back asleep too. Uhg!
    Have fun at your Clickinmoms Walk, sounds fun!
    I am not a wine condenser, but enjoy a sweet or semi sweet white wine.
    I like provolone cheese.

    Thank You for stopping in at my blog today.

  11. I love cheese too and I think your little kitty is very cute...but you can keep the possums

  12. The newspaper delivery person - loudest vehicle possible at 3 am, every day for as many years as we've lived here (18 - no wait, 19). My husband rolls his eyes with the 'don't even think about another kitty' each time I venture out to leave a bowl of food for the "outside" cats that regularly show up. (I now know where they live and the owner just isn't reliable - so I'll keep putting the food out and reassuring my "inside" cats that there is no threat to their sanctuary.

  13. Take a book, light a candle ,wrap yourself in a warm blanket and have a hot chocolate and try NOT to be upset about not going back to sleep. It seems to be an international female problem ...I always wake up and try hard to stay CALM.
    Have fun at the Clickinmoms walk.I will start a photography class next week, am a little nervous!


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