Sunday, October 6, 2013

A photographic...


I can't believe an entire week has passed since the worldwide clicknwalk event. I've mentioned before that this was the 1st such event for me & I just jumped in with both feet. I went (so I thought) to just be with other women who loved photography as much as I do. Little did I know what a learning experience it would. It's been a long time since I've put myself into a new experience & I realized real fast that I was keeping company with women who are really, really REALLY good at what they do. Now the old me...from 20 years ago, would have immediately felt intimidated & allow my head to play games with me: "am I good enough, why am I here, will I look silly, will I seem out of place, etc." 
 But nope... instead, this was a way for me to watch and learn. 
 The setting was Crystal Cove  at sunset along the coast 
and a throw back to the 1930's & 40's unique vintage culture. 

There was a lot of this...

...and that...

...and playing with light...

...lost in textures...

...LOTS of this...

...forgotten items...

...found treasures...

It wasn't until I saw what the other gals posted that I realized I need to get out of my comfort zone and open my eyes even wider and then some. I loved how they saw what I saw but totally different. It lit a fire under and I'm excited to go out again and play. 
I am where I am in my photography journey, no apologies, no excuses, just happy at the process. 

Happy (find your zone) snapping!


  1. These are amazing images! So glad that you went out there and had such a great experience.Looking forward to see more.

  2. I think your captures are stunning. It is hard to compare your work to somebody else's because everybody has a different eye and a different perspective. If this motivated you to get out and shoot more, that is all you really need.

  3. Really great post Kelly! I'm so glad you had such a great experience. It is important to simply get out there and play.

  4. Oh this is a fabulous post - great photos xxx

  5. Beautiful photos Kelly! So glad you got out and realized how talented you really are. I was supposed to attend a photowalk this weekend but didn't make it. Feeling a bit unmotivated when it comes to picking up my camera. Those nasty thoughts of not being any good keep creeping into my mind. I sometimes need to step back from looking at photography blogs and Facebook posts. They make me feel inadequate at times. So much going on in my life I tend to put myself last which is not a good thing. Going to try and change the order and place "me" on the top of the list. Thanks for the reality check. :-) Grace

  6. Ahhhh..I can so relate to everything you wrote. What I HAVE learned about myself tho, from putting myself out there out of my comfort zone, is that altho I am intimdated by every one else's knowledge of photography and cameras...I apparently must have some sort of innate photographic "sense". I have learned that I might not have the most "efficient" technique when it comes to photography...but I have what works for me. I realized that I "see" a photo in my head...and then I experiment with different settings. I often don't even know what "works" until I get back home and look at what I've shot on the computer. I have waaaay more "misses" than good shots. But I"m okay with that. Because it is what works with me. Altho...some more technical knowledge would be a good thing too :)

  7. I'm impressed but I knew you had it in you! I knew from wayyyyyyyy wayyyyyyy back in the Michael The Maven forum days. Remember those? xoxoxo

  8. Gorgeous shots! And's important to push through fear...amazing how much we hold ourselves back... It's quite silly actually! Glad you are pushing yourself!

  9. I'm such an introvert the idea of joining a group of knowledgeable women for a few hours of photography would be a bit frightening to say the least... but I am excited that a creative spark was lit for you Kelly -- rock on! :)

  10. Oh I love this! I think your shots are amazing. And I'm totally with you on this - "I am where I am in my photography journey, no apologies, no excuses, just happy at the process." :)

  11. Yay for you, getting out there! These are really gorgeous Kelly, and that one of the little girl, and the ocean (that green water), well all of them really. Great depth of field and light, and them!

  12. Oh yeah...don't let anyone intimidate you any way, shape or form. You are a brilliant photographer, you see like a photographer, capturing those beautiful moments that others never see. I am in awe of your photography ie the little girl in the waves and those "left" shoes. Hold your head up high, girl, you can run with the best of them.

  13. Kelly - I wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award. Don't feel obligated to play. I just wanted to let you know that I love reading your blog. Details are on my blog - Paisley Rain Boots.

  14. Good for you.. Your shots look awesome..


  15. Ahhhhh! I love this post! How is it, that we are on the same journey and I never knew? :) I hope we are able to do more fun walks together soon!

  16. how the sam hill did I miss this post? A photo walk or outing with others is so good for pushing our creative button. Love these images.


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