Friday, October 18, 2013


...the process

It took all day to decide, but as Frankie watches the 6th game between the Cardinals & the Dodgers, I decided to be here, in my sacred space to post and link up with Nancy

I believe there is a process to everything wether it be change in personal growth, creativity, or simply to  handle life's difficulties. I'm not a huge fan of being spontaneous when it comes to making decisions-there is usually planning involved & every possible scenario thought through for the best possible outcome. 
As I go through this difficult time of slowly losing my mom,  NOW seems like the perfect time to not plan or NEED to know the whys & the what if's, but simply be here, in the now & know there is no right or wrong way to get through this life changing event. The biggest fear I have is getting lost in the sadness so I've made a promise to myself to continue doing the things that keep me here, in the present, in the land of the living & trusting the process that's right for me.

Thank you all for you words of comfort and I hope you are getting my emails after you post...I'd feel real bad if you thought I wasn't acknowledging you.

Random 5 Friday
1. I never did and probably never will, understand high fashion. 
2. I secretly wish to receive a small token from Tiffany's. I think every woman should have the thrill of opening that dreamy aqua box!
3. I don't like Mother Goose rhymes, never understood them. I think it's terrible they were written for children.
4. I LOVE chick flicks cause I believe in Happily Ever After
5. My all time favorite chick flick is P.S. I LOVE YOU

Happy (living another day) snapping


  1. (you have my brain running now. thanks for that. i enjoy thinking.) oh, i loved the movie PS. i love you. such a great movie. ( :
    i think the point (& i could be wrong) of high fashion is that they enjoy dressing up & being silly (acting a fool, per say) & having a good time. it is all for themselves. not that we normal folks would ever been caught dead in any of those pieces of clothing. or we would feel like total goons.
    about the nursery rhymes - i have always wanted to run away with the SPOON. ha. ha!
    i hope you get your wish & will have a aqua box in the mail very soon. ( :

    1. Oh Beth, you always make me laugh! Keep it up, girl! Aloha

  2. What a fun photo - I have an old typewriter too but have never used it as a photo subject. Maybe I'll get inspired!

  3. Kelly,
    I am visiting from Nancy's Random 5 Friday. I am sorry to hear you lost your Mom. I would be devistated. Prayers to you and your family during the difficult time.

    I love your opening paragraph. It sounds like something I would say.

  4. And I'm snapping right along with you! And I'm tapping my feet, too! You go girl! You are not alone! I am totally digging your "clickety click" Remington photo. Hang in there, Kelly. Aloha

  5. I love that typewriter! Sorry to hear of the loss of your mother. That's one of the hardest losses to bear, but I like your attitude. I totally agree with your Random 5--though I didn't know about the little aqua box. Nice thought, though.

  6. I would be happy with just the Tiffany box. It would make for great still life photos. I am glad you are committing to be here in the present and continuing your creative work. Must watch P.S. I Love You.

  7. That classic typewriter makes a great subject for your photo! I'm sorry to hear about your mom. I think your sense of humor will help you through this time. Love that aqua box / Tiffany thought. I didn't even know about the box color. I guess I need to have bigger dreams like you do!!!

  8. Oh you are certainly in my thoughts & prayers, my sweet. You have struggled long and hard this past year, but your beautiful photography, your children, your beginnings of life for those beautiful butterflies comes shining through these tough times. One step at a time, one day at a time, and with the love that surrounds you, you get thru.

  9. No Mother Goose rhymes? They were my favorite growing up -- we can agree to disagree on this one.

    Love the typewriter -- I have three upstairs gathering dust.

    Agree 100% on your thoughts about being present. xo

  10. Having lost my Mom .... I know what you are going through. Watching her slowly slip away was difficult and painful.
    Surround yourself with people and things that you love and enjoy. Dedicate something to her .... maybe call your butterfly haven after her.
    Whatever it takes to get you through. One day at a time.
    I'm here for you .... 24/7.

  11. I still have my mother, but I did lose my father in 1999. I miss him. He died suddenly. For me, writing was a healing process.

    Mary-andering Creatively

    Mary-andering Among the Pages

  12. Until now I didn't realize how fortunate I was to have the challenges of kid activities on top of making sure Mom was taken care of to distract me from what the doctor had laid out before me almost to the day. You have the right attitude and many good souls praying for your strength.

    I have never received a gift from Tiffany's but my daughter has and it sits in her room - how sad is it that I'm satisfied with that (not sure it counts, but I did made sure the kids went into Tiffany's when we were in NYC on a school trip years back). I don't know that I am a chick-flick kinda girl, but I do enjoy revisiting certain movies at specific times of the year like somehow it is a Hallmark tradition. Hocus Pocus in early Autumn, Amadeus as we make our way through Oct/Nov, Oliver around Thanksgiving, and The Ref pre-Christmas .... now you know, feel free to add them to your calendar! :)

  13. Not getting lost in the process is always a good idea. BUT I am learning that part of the "process" may be to experience deep sadness...and that is OK! Don't try to run or hide from the emotions...take them as they come and let them ride through you like clouds...then let them go and move on. Wishing you much love and light...xo

  14. Love your image. Such a heart-felt post. Bless you my friend.

  15. So sorry about your Mom. I hope for the best for you and her.

  16. you are so wise my dear friend. i am so sorry for the difficult times that you are enduring. but i see your faith and your positive attitude at work. you are an inspiration. wishing you peace. xoxo

  17. What a fun photo!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  18. I love this photo! And what a sweet post. I am getting your emails btw and enjoy hearing back from you :)

    I have always wanted something from Tiffany's as well! There's just something about that box haha. Would be nice if I got it as a gift and didn't have to buy it myself! ;)

  19. I am certainly sending prayers on yours and your mother's behalf....I pray that this time you have left with her will be precious in everyday....Staying in the moment and trying not to anticipate what 's next is very hard but you certainly sound like you have it as your focus....You have lots of love going your way....

  20. It's so important to live in the present and find joy in everyday moments. When my mom passed away, it was incredibly sad and painful, and I still miss her today and think about her often. I will tell you though that while we will always remember our moms and wish we could talk to them again, we can go on living and doing and laughing and enjoying life. I'm with you on this journey and will be here if you ever need to talk. Hugs.

  21. High Fashion is for the rich anyway...but wouldn't it be fun!
    Oh a Tiffany gift...I could go for that. Hubby always says, I have "Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget" .
    Oh I like Nursery Rhymes...a lot of them are pretty weird though.
    Chick Flick's are fun. Pretty Woman and Runaway Bride I always find enjoyable.


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