Monday, December 9, 2013

Brrrrr-Baby...'s cold outside

I know the cold I'm feeling and the cold some of you are feeling can't be compared. I think living in Ca. has made me thin skinned! None the less, it's cold and I love being tucked away at home and playing. I did have to run out and return a movie and get some shopping done. I did it quick & effortlessly. Even the traffic lights cooperated and I got through with my running around rather quickly.

Came home & took LOTS of photos... can bet my pal Danbo is plotting!

Oddly, several photos are uploading VERY dingy looking. They're not that way on my desktop and it's frustrating. By any chance is anyone else having this issue?

Took these with my iphone :-)

My daughter, Jamie sent me THE CUTEST picture frame from Pier 1. All I keep thinking & smiling about are the commercials where the products sing and laugh to the customers to take them to the register and home. I told this to Jamie and she said that's exactly what happened! I love that girl. She totally gets me and knows I love that shabby chic look. I added a little French texture as an added bonus!

I love this time of year. I love all the music and the lights. I really enjoy everyones Christmas photos and sharing in their joy. I grew up with Christmas & the happy feelings that the sights and sounds bring  never go away... matter what.

Happy (candy cane) snapping!


  1. I really can't get enough of your Danbo, just makes my day! And yes a couple of times ago I noticed when I uploaded a photo that it went a little wonky? And I love, love that french texture over your bird frame, just perfect! Have a great day girl!

    P.S. - I understand about the cold, this girl grew up in Chicago and after 20 some years in Texas, and especially now on the gulf coast, I don't take to the cold very easy anymore! (or the very grey days we've had)

  2. LOL .... Ya wanna feel some cold? Come to Connecticut??? Brrrrrrrrr for sure! :-D
    Awwww Danbo is so dang adorable and he looks like he's enjoying the winter props!!!
    That frame!!!!! Gorgeous!
    Yes, I have noticed a few dingy looking shots when I post at times .... what IS up with that? Is it a blogger issue?
    Keep posting girl .... I love it!!!
    Mwah! xo **hugs**

  3. Your photos are so cute! And about the dingy issue, do you have a Google+ account? I had issues with blogger making my photos look too bright, and I researched and found out that a while back blogger changed the settings to auto adjust all your photos unless you un-check the option. Go into your Google+ settings and under the part that says "Automatically enhance new photos" you have to change it to "off." I didn't even have a Google+ account set up yet, but somehow it was already "fixing" my photos. Very frustrating! So I had to sign up for Google+ so I could change the auto enhance option.

  4. I LOVE Danbo behind those candy canes, Kelly.
    Such a great shot!! :-)

  5. Happy Candy Cane to you too, Love that bird frame, I do love about anything with birds....they tug at my heart!! Girl, it's cold here, 16 when I drove home this evening from a Bunco Ladies Dinner out. And with the wind, even colder. You better stay in CA

  6. YES!!! Blogger is doing something very weird…all my photos looked dingy until I started saving them as PNG's. I don't know why…but the jpegs looked really dark and no vibrance! Although, you photos do look lovely!

  7. I love Danbo. He definitely makes me SMILE OUT LOUD! And your photographs do, too. Those iPhone sprinkles are stunning! I have not really been on my Instagram these days, just busy with other things, but I should go take a peek what you've been up to there. Big HUG to you and Danbo! xxx


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