Friday, December 6, 2013

Finding my...

...playful side

Hello my friends. 
I didn't mean for a whole week to pass by without posting-I don't like to go more than a few days.  There's nothing wrong, it's just sort of how the week rolled. 
But, I'm here now & without getting into detail (this post), my playful side is starting to re-emerge & I feel like I might burst! Since we don't get snow in So. Cal, I get to create my own winter wonderland scenes. My friends, Danbo and the artist guy, finally got to come out and play.
A lot of you know who Danbo is ( if not, you can read about HIM here)
I get my kicks this way and I am perfectly ok with it!

He likes to give helpful advice. Like-
"Don't eat yellow snow"

He definitely loves presents!

How cute are these?

The boys decided to "try" and make a snowman.

You just might have to stay tuned and see how that goes!

Happy (winter) snapping

Kim Klassen dot Com


  1. Eeeeeeeee!!! I love this post ... and YES I was wondering where you were!!!!
    I just love your Danbo shots and now with Mr. Artsy joining in the fun it's even better.
    So happy to see your playful side emerge again! Mwah! ♥ **hugs**

  2. P.S. These shots are freakin' awesome!!!! So crisp and clear and just dang gorgeous!!!!!!!
    What's your secret????? What lens were you using?
    It's awesome!!!!!!
    Mwah ♥ **hugs**

  3. -------> :D That my friend is the big huge smile you put on my face....I adore this, these are so flippin' cute. Seriously, I'm going to come back and look at these again and again! xo p.s. How ever did you get that real looking snow?

    Did I mention you are so awesome?!

  4. P.S. I was cleaning the upstairs last week and found our old movable art guy but he was missing a hand!

  5. Super cute and I creativeness for winter play.

  6. Cute! If I could ship snow to you I would, I have more than I want right now. But your snow does look very real.

  7. You do know how to have fun - great ideas!

  8. Wow, these whimsical photos really make my day! I smiled because they remind me of my oldest son, now a grown man, who still loves "toys," like Danbo. I'll send the link to your website his way, and we'll share a laugh. Thanks for the fun.

  9. LOL! I LOVE Danbo and Artist Guy! They ROCK! And so do you, sweet girl.

    Happy Weekend to you. xo

  10. Oh, so funny, Kelly, your friends are too cute :-)
    Great shots !
    Have a nice Sunday,

  11. Very fun! Will watch for the sequel!

  12. Your artist guy looks good. He is positioned just so.... And Danbo's expression is priceless! Your winter wonderland looks beautiful. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought you were in Colorado right now. (Glad you're having fun!!)

  13. These are freaking awesome and hip-hip-hoorah for some "happy" - I am so glad to see it and hear it.


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