Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday finds...

...and useless facts

I don't know about you, but I thoroughly enjoy the comfy clothes, loung-y, stay indoors, remnants of a food coma feeling I get on the Friday after Thanksgiving. It's a good day to relax and reflect. We had a wonderful dinner and always have a good time with our family. I trust you did as well. I took some mental notes you may or may not be interested in!

0 -amount of eggs that cracked while boiling (out of 18)
1 -times I cut my finger (w/a vege peeler actually)
1 -number of times I thought about going out shopping on black friday (I blame that on a momentary lapse of good judgement!)
2 -dances that broke out in the kitchen (Fred Astaire style)
3 -days worth of cooking & cleaning
5 -deviled eggs I ate
9 -family members around our table of plenty
1627 -times I thought about my mom
(ok-that last one is a guess but if I really had counted-that number sounds about right)
and I survived...

So... that I'm winding down the Monarch rearing...
Thanksgiving Day Monarch

...I'm starting to focus my attention on new arty, thrifty items I want to start making and selling-
-Chalkboard Picture Frames.
Silly me fell in love with the 1st one I made-so I'm keeping that one and will sell the rest.

 I went to the vintage faire Sunday and found this...

I bought this framed art-mainly for the frame itself. 
 Turns out, the print is a 1940's reproduction of a lithograph from the French artist, Benoit Chirat {1795-1870} 
See the date in the lower left hand corner?
 I find it charming especially being 73 years old & it's French! I'm keeping the print, (score=1) & would LOVE to be able to sell the finished chalkboard frame (score=2)
I love going out to hunt. You just never know what little treasure you might find.

Happy (day after) snapping!

Kim Klassen dot Com


  1. I did not even think about shopping today! good lord…no thank you. Glad you danced in the kitchen…nothing is better than that! Good luck with the frames…can't wait to see some finished products! xo

  2. Oh Kelly.....great post!!!
    You and I are so on the same page re: where we are headed. I've got all these craft projects lined up for after the holidays and for once in a long time I am freakin' excited!
    Can't wait to set your frames!!!
    I may have to buy one. 😊
    Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    Mwah! **hugs** ❤️

  3. Happy Day definitely was not on my to do list today. Chalkboard frames sounds divine!!

  4. Sounds perfectly divine - and don't feel bad, truth be told, I'm guessing all of us at one point of weakness, (probably between scoops of dressing and turkey) contemplated venturing out for Black Friday Mayhem - but fortunately that turkey nap struck down any ideas of putting on real pants and being seen in public. God bless yoga pants and all things made with at least a percentage of spandex.

    Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend - look forward to seeing more about these chalkboard frames.

  5. sounds like a perfectly wonderful way to spend thanksgiving. and oh i am totally swooning over your new art. botanical prints like this are one of my very favorite types of art to collect. i once bought a set of two at an antique/flea market. then once i got home and unframed them, i found that there were two more behind... a set of two turned into a set of four! that's the beauty of treasure hunting right there!

  6. I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving! And I'm with you on the Friday relaxation. It's the best! Although I always work the Friday after Thanksgiving, but that night I kick back :)

  7. Getting ready for Christmas is keeping me very busy. Sorry I'm late in stopping by to say hello. I always enjoy photos of butterflies!

  8. What a great find, Kelly !
    And so nice you had a wonderful time with your family !
    Enjoy the new week,

  9. I look forward to seeing your finished frames!

  10. Oh my, I'm playing catch up from last week...I never got to my computer after Tuesday!! What a great find, love the frame AND the print...score!! Can't wait to see what you do with the frame, fun!

  11. You've been here, but where have I been? (Going to bed early probably!) I love the print. That was a good find! I can't wait to see the kinds of things you'll be making and selling. Fun!


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