Tuesday, November 19, 2013


with Kim

Kim asks the question this week, "where are you on this path called life?"
PHEW...That is such a loaded question! 
But it's a good one and it's important to stop, evaluate, re-evaluate, tweak and adjust otherwise you may find yourself in a place where light is hard to get to. 
I came up with this quote today as I was creating this image using Kim's "canvasmagic."
There are so many ups and downs at accepting the loss of a loved one. I have this amazing amount of love and support from friends and loved ones but getting through THIS part of the path ultimately comes down to me. Finding my strength to guide me and can I tell you?
I'm re-discovering that I am one tough broad!  In life...crappy things happen...
 ...it's what you do with that crap that counts. 
Learning to live with loss is just crappy
-no doubt-
...I have an open mind and heart & I'm making way for new experiences.
I choose a lighted path that's paved with all things good.

Happy (wandering) snapping


  1. What a beautiful photo and quote! I haven't known you very long, but I know you are a tough broad! ;) You inspire me with your strength and resilience. Keep on keepin' on, friend :)

  2. When I grow up I wanna be one tough broad too...oh, wait!...I am grown up...and I am one tough broad too ... lol Love the quote and the image..blessings on you!

  3. A fantastic photo and can I say, I love your quote and might have to borrow it. It truly is up to each of us individually to dig deep and forge ahead, recognizing our strength and using that as a guide only makes sense. You are one tough broad - pretty dang talented too. :)

    1. I'd be honored if you used it!! Xo

  4. I love to hear the positive view you are expressing.

  5. That is one awesome photo Sis. And your quote .... can I say "Dang!!!!!!"
    I just love it.
    I always knew you were one tough broad. I know that the path will be rocky but I also know you .... you'll put on the right shoes for that rocky path and you're just going to plow ahead and not let any stones or pebbles or whatevers stop you.
    Love ya bunches ..... mwah! ♥

  6. You are so right, it IS ultimately up to us to not only find our path to the light, but sometimes we have to make one. And yes you are a tough broad. THAT photo is just pure greatness, and the texture you used is perfect with this! xo

  7. Beautiful photo and quote. I haven't seen many photos of a butterfly in that stage of life. I love it!

  8. Wonderful photo and great quote, Kelly !
    Beautiful answer to Kim's question ...
    Nice week ,

  9. Such a beautiful photograph, and wonderful quote to go with it, Kelly.
    It sure is a question to ponder.

  10. ~Muah~

    Lovely edit and words.

  11. Beautiful post - pictures and words.

  12. Dealing with the crap head-on and with humor is half the battle... this too shall pass. :)

  13. hello beautiful...... what an extraordinary image.
    i have no doubt you are incredibly strong.... how could you not be.... your spirit is so extraordinary....and shines through your images and words.... always....

    sending love and strength.



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