Friday, November 22, 2013



1. We got some much welcomed rain yesterday. I'm not really moody-it's a series I LOVE to do over on IG but can only really do it in winter cause that's the only time it rains here. 

2. I'm making a Monarch calendar-actually it's my first calendar ever-forget the 10 minutes "THEY" say it'll take! I'm anal people-so I'm thinking it's not going to be done for Christmas-

3. I do Thanksgiving every year. I really have SO much to be thankful for & I'm REALLY looking forward to having Frankie's family over this year. We have all of next week off so I'll be busy prepping, cooking and making things extra special. Everyone gets their favorite dish from me. I'll be trying a few new things too. I don't have a favorite dish- I love it ALL!
What's YOUR favorite Thanksgiving dish?

4. Brat cat-she comes every morning for breakfast-She scares the wits out of me when I roll up the pleated blinds at the kitchen sink & there she is, staring in the window face to face with me. She's dying to come in the house but I'm asthmatic and horribly allergic to dander-so that THAT'S not gonna happen. She let's us love on her but when she's had enough she hisses and swats at you. I hiss back.

5. I'm making gift tags!
 Now, I may be bias, but I think they're really cute. I'll be having a contest real soon to give a set of 4 away-so stay tuned! I LOVE giving goodies away. It makes my heart happy.
I actually have an Etsy store but nothing in it-I'm working on a few things & am excited to start selling-

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Happy (holiday crazy) snapping


  1. That would be a little heart stopper to see that face in the window every morning.

  2. Lovely photos! My favorite dish at Thanksgiving is cornbread dressing. Sounds like your upcoming week will be filled with joy!

  3. I love that you hiss back at the cat! LOL
    I'm allergic to dog/cat dander, too!
    My favorite Thanksgiving dish? Well, my Mom made Tourtiere every holiday .... it's a French-Canadian meat pie. It was awesome!
    I cannot duplicate it.....I've tried!
    Love those tags! You're making me want to get creative! :-D
    I'll be late with my Random 5 .... heading out to visit Tom's brother today!
    Mwah! ♥ **hugs**

  4. Oh, it's pouring over here right now. I'm horribly allergic to cats, I even reacted to the allergy shots I used to get! And those gift tags...stinkin' adorable Kelly! I guess my favorite dish would have to be the homemade egg noodles we make, it is a long standing family tradition. We cook them in chicken broth and it thickens and is just so yummy!

  5. Oh goody, I bet your butterfly calendar will be just have taken such awesome pictures of your winged friends. Scary good morning each and every day!! Cute, cute tags!!

  6. oh, i love your gift tags. i am not sure - but do you make Christmas ones? i bet that would tons of fun too. ( :

  7. I love your tags, Kelly. They're cute! I have an empty Etsy store, too. One day, I keep saying... One day. I bet your food is absolutely delicious. At least it looks that way in photos. I love Southern-style dressing, which I believe is close to impossible to duplicate in California. My brother-in-law lives near LA and has someone try to make it for him every year. She calls my mother-in-law for step-by-step instructions. It's so funny. I think she's getting a bit closer, but it's still a challenge each year. I'm like you though, I love it all! Pile it on!

  8. I'm allergic to cats too but I have 6 of them-all inside kitties who sleep with us. I take allergy shots though every month and allergy medication. I also have Asthma but it's pretty controlled so the cats really don't bother me. Your "brat cat" is sweet looking and I'm glad he has someone to love on him now & then.
    My favorites at Thanksgiving would be the new Cranberry-Pear sauce I make, No Bake Pumpkin Pie and Scalloped Potatoes.
    Hope your calendar turns out great and your tags were cute.

    Here is my link:

    I also have a craft blog if you'd like to check it out too:

  9. Awww such a cute kitty! I have some indoor and outdoor cats. I love cats :) I don't really have a favorite Thanksgiving dish because I love it all! But candied sweet potatoes might be up there at the top!

  10. Oh I sooooo hope you let us know when you have "sweet stuff" in your Etsy shop!!!!!! And, happy cooking to you :)

  11. Well I'm certainly tardy to the party. What happened between Friday and Sunday - I sure don't know where the time went, but if my body is to be believed, it involved some manual labor - ugh! Love the kitty at the window - hissing is totally acceptable, I do it to mine all.the.time. I also mock their "" meow. You are so right - those tags are super cute, can't wait for you to have goodies in your shop. Enjoy time with family.

  12. Great photos and that moody pic, Ooooo... my fave.


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