Tuesday, November 26, 2013


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I've been up since 4:30 getting an early start on Thanksgiving. We're having a small family gathering, just 8 of us but so much love is going into the preparations this year. I plowed through a pressure cooker beef dish, boiled eggs, made my killer cranberry sauce, made the mashed potatoes, set the table, saw that 2 beauties emerged safely and basically just killed two hrs trying to get a "quick"photo edited to play over at Kim's
I wasn't tired till I sat down...

Hanukkah starts tomorrow-It's a little crazy celebrating The Festival of Lights so early. The last time this happened was 125 years ago. The next time this is suppose to happen is 2070! That's good enough for me...a once in a lifetime occurrence~
~it's one too many really!

It's been gorgeous here but cooler weather is supposed to settle over us come Thursday.

Austin started training at Starbucks today. He had to give his notice at Sports Chalet as they didn't give him any hours in over a month. How can you hire someone and NOT give them hours? Then, when he was scheduled, he was sent home due to lack of business-oh and let's not forget scheduling Austin and not telling him & he'd get these phone calls wondering where he was. Not a great 1st work experience. Hopefully this will be way more fun as it's a busy SB's too so his shifts will fly by.

Did you know skunks around here love cat food! Yup, whatever the stray cat doesn't eat, the skunks come and promptly take care of what ever is left. Skunks are kinda cute. I can sit a few feet from the door and only the screen separates it and me. From what I gather, as long as they don't feel threatened, they're not inclined to spray.

I want to let YOU know how much I appreciate you dropping by to visit and taking the time to comment. November isn't the only month that I am grateful for you...it's all the other 11 months I am too.

I used Kim's REVERSE TTV on this image.

I've got some posts in my mind, things to say, photos & stuff to share, but it will all have to wait till after Turkey Day. As it is, I should be getting back and hammer out a few more goodies. 
Hope you have a wonderful, carefree, belly filling, truly scrumptious holiday.

This is from my i-phone...

...my entry for


Happy (pumpkin pie) snapping!


  1. Love your butterfly shots, Kelly! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  2. The one with the wings spread out is splendid. I haven't seen many butterflies here in Ohio lately or at least where I live. Just the small, not so pretty ones. Loved see your butterflies. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We've decided to break tradition and we're going out this year (the grown babykins are coming along too). I've cooked for family for 40 years and decided not this year, but secretly, I think I'm gonna miss it more than the hubby or kids.

  3. It is beautiful. I hope you have a happy thanksgiving

  4. awesome closeup photography truly wow focus.

  5. Beautiful! The butterfly reminds me of spring. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Wonderful photo and post. Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. I can't believe that last photo is from your iPhone. The quality is amazing! Love your butterfly shots. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving feast my friend! :)

  8. Lovely photos and post, Kelly !
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving !

  9. Great post .... Yay for Austin getting a new job!
    Don't get too comfortable with the skunks ... remember the problem I had this past summer? They'll stick around and raise a family!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Happy Hanukah!
    Much love to you and your family ♥

    I won't be posting until after Thanksgiving ....

  10. Such beautiful photos - I love them so much!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Hanukkah!

  11. I'm sure Austin's new job will work out much better. Management! Your butterflies are beautiful. I love how the details show up in the photographs. Your holiday food sounds fabulous. I'm looking forward to some good food this Thanksgiving, too, but my sweet mother-in-law has been doing the cooking.

  12. Much to be thankful for. Austin will be just fine! Blessed be to you and yours! Aloha

  13. I love your butterflies. :)

    Happy to hear Austin has a new job. And, I know all the love you've poured into the preparation of your Thanksgiving meal will delight the hearts of your guests and you, too. Happy Thanksgiving, sweet you. xo

  14. Happy Thanksgiving my dear! By the way my old blog is no more…I made it private. This comment should link you to my new one! xoxo

  15. I have chosen you as the featured photographer of this weeks sweet snaps! congratulations - the photos were beautiful :)
    Saida xx

    1. Saida, this made my day. Thank you so much. Xo

  16. the iPhone picture quality is also very good, I'm surprised X)

    check out my blog?? http://simplepromise-simplepromise.blogspot.co.uk/

  17. I finally finished the homemade egg noodles yesterday....oh they were sooo good this year! Thought of you today, as I had a male emerge today...3 chrysalis in waiting and I found 3 babies! xo


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