Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Let the music...

My mom is celebrating her first birthday in heaven today but I didn't shed a tear. 
Nope...instead I decided to crank up my best dance music (Bogata by Bus is playing) and make spaghetti & meatballs in true party style. I believe food tastes better when you sing & dance around your kitchen! 
 Oh...can I tell you? It has been at least year since music has played in this house.
Talk about food for the soul.

And, 4 handsome males emerged early this morning for the occasion!
Happy (crank up the music) snapping!


  1. I do believe that music feeds the soul. Good for you! I'm sure your Mom enjoyed watching you. ❤️

  2. I do love to play music for activities like cooking and cleaning. Good for you to be bringing the music back.

  3. That's is truly something I miss at this house. We left our surround sound speakers for the other people, not sure what we were thinking, and this house is wired, but now we don't have speakers and can't afford them. I have a little zen but it's just not the same as hearing it through the house! I'm hoping santa brings me a boombox, haha! Glad you could and spaghetti...two good things for the soul! xo

  4. Let the music ring dear lady, let it play loud and often. I agree - it is moments like this that feed the soul and lift the spirit.

  5. This makes me smile! I totally agree with you on music. It has played such a big role in my life and definitely helps in the healing process. You're in my thoughts today!

    PS - Thank you for the sweet comment about my Sylvester. I really appreciate your kind words :)

  6. How wonderful that you have found your music again...

  7. music is set by my mood ... if i am happy i play upbeat tunes ... more sad a little lower tunes... beautiful quote. ( :

  8. Good for you, Kelly !
    Wonderful photo and quote !
    Nice weekend,

  9. Beautiful capture of this gorgeous creature.

  10. I reserve music for my morning run -- it inspires me.

    So glad to see you up and about. xo

  11. I love music and try to listen to some each day. On Saturdays I've found that music makes cleaning fun. (More fun, anyway!). It's truly powerful! Keep dancing!

  12. I am way behind - and playing catch up. I hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend!


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