Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A little of this...

...a little of that

...but mostly this!

I'm sharing over at Kim's  where it's a free & easy Texture Tuesday. I've used her amazing Magic2 texture to simulate lightly falling snow on both pictures today. If you're not familiar with Kim Klassen, I invite you to go visit and see what love and spirit goes on over there in that community.

Speaking of communities, my own little one here never ceases to amaze me. My new blogger friend, Tammy from Our Neck of the Woods  helped me with the dingy photo issue I was having. 
She said this, 
"Your photos are so cute! And about the dingy issue, do you have a Google+ account? I had issues with blogger making my photos look too bright, and I researched and found out that a while back blogger changed the settings to auto adjust all your photos unless you un-check the option. Go into your Google+ settings and under the part that says "Automatically enhance new photos" you have to change it to "off." I didn't even have a Google+ account set up yet, but somehow it was already "fixing" my photos. Very frustrating! So I had to sign up for Google+ so I could change the auto enhance option."

I mean how awesome is it to relate to a problem and take the time to help with a resolution. The photo above & below are hopefully proof that I did indeed solve the problem, Thanks to you Tammy. Oh, and if you are totally into farm life and fun stories and photos, I invite you to go visit Tammy in her neck of the woods. I leave there with a smile.

Speaking of smiles...
Danbo makes me smile. From the comments you all leave me, he seems to make you all smile too. THAT makes me happy. 
Frankie tells me I'm like a little kid as I set up my shots-I find myself grinning and am totally in the moment. I pay close attention to detail so that the scene is more believable and Danbo takes on human qualities. I've often thought of making a calendar starring this little guy.
 I mean 12 months of Danbo would make me happy. 

I have chosen my word for 2014. I'm chomping at the bit to share and am absolutely giddy about it. 
That'll happen Friday.

I think that will do it for now. Hope you are having an amazing day and not letting the holiday frenzy trip you up. Take a minute to enjoy what's going on around you. You just might find something to amuse you.

Happy (holiday) snapping!


  1. Thanks for sharing the info that someone shared with you....makes my heart happy when this happens. I love your little Danbo pics and I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying your holidays!!

  2. Your candy cane photo is just too cute!! Great idea for the Magic2 texture to look like falling snow! A fun photo of Danbo.

  3. I like the Danbo idea - how fun! I'm glad you posted about the Google+ issue. I will have to look into that. Love your photos!!

  4. Ohhhhh…can't wait for Friday to hear your word!!!

  5. Love your shots and thanks for the heads up about google!

  6. Candy Canes never fail :) Love your capture and even more the words! "Merry Everything & Happy Always" THAT'S GENIUS!

  7. Love your candy cane shot, beautiful pp !! love you words too
    over from TT

  8. Love these. Fabulous use of the texture! I had the same problem with dingy photos. I didn't want a google + account so post my photos from flickr which has also sorted out the problem. :)

  9. Candy canes are so fun in all ways at Christmas time. Love your photo shot of them especially in the tin container. The little Danbo guy is very cute and creative also. :)

  10. Love these shots Sis.
    I know I say this a lot .... but I mean it .... you are one awesome photographer. I really look forward to your posts and photos!
    Merry Everything to you and Happy Always!!!!
    Mwah! **hugs** ♥

  11. Thanks for the tip on the auto enhance problem.

  12. Your photos are awesome!!! I love the snowy effect and the bokeh from the lights. Beautiful!

    And I'm so glad you figured out the photo issue and that I could help! Thank you for the sweet shout out as well. I've really enjoyed getting to know you and seeing your wonderful photos ever since I found your space here! So glad our paths have brought us together :)

  13. I love your photos and the snow you've created in your California home! And I think I told you on IG that your art guy was looking very human by the way he was standing with Danbo. I think they both have that quality thanks to the time you take to set up your shots. You ARE fun! Isn't it great to create a little bit of happy?!

  14. I took a few days to focus on getting together an annual photo album - and man have I missed visiting blogs. I absolutely love the snowy light edits and Danbo - yeah, Danbo is back.

  15. I love the sparkle of this photo! so pretty. merry christmas. visiting from TT.


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