Saturday, April 14, 2012


I'll be hooking up with Ashley for the Scavenger Hunt tomorrow but am posting today cause I can't wait  that long!
Scavenger Hunt Sunday
I'm stoked about the prompts this week. 


A simple message right? 
Oh my, I am so lovin' Kim's new brush set and "I AM" texture. 
Are you a "Beyonder" yet?


I am in total LOVE w/this image. Frankie recently bought a super 8 projector at a garage sale to transfer 8mm film from our family's archives. When he got it home & cleaned it up, he realized it was missing the big feeder reel. Well, he ordered one and it came in the mail today. He could see the wheels turning in my head...either that or the absolute squealing that was going on at the photo op this provided! It came with film on it too. *swoon*


Easy enough. 
 A Southwest jet...on final going into Burbank Airport.


I painted my nails this a.m. & as dumb luck would have it, I rolled the bottom of my jeans up and there was the stitching. I love "happy accidents!" Used the I AM texture here as well :-)


Aye aye aye...this is like plan G for the bubbles. The short version.. I hyperventilated & I think I sprang my tongue trying to blow bubbles with bubble gum...yuck. (I'm not really a gum chewer)
Anyway, I'm super excited to pop over and see your interpretations of this weeks prompts.
Happy Snapping!


  1. Oh my goodness Kelly! These are all amazing. I love that first one...that is truth. Have a beautiful weekend! xo

  2. Oh my. Magic my friend. Freaking magic.

  3. Kelly you totally ROCKED it this week! Wow, Wow and Wow again. Your middle three are my favs. That reel-to-reel interpretation for grain is soooo creative. And I like your editing choices. That "transportation" photo.....LOVE it! The composition is fantastic. And your "stitch" shot I am enamored with your depth of field. Way to go girl!

  4. These are all great! Love the grain and transportation.

  5. Beautiful set. grain is genius!

  6. Love the stitch one! they're all beautiful!!

  7. All of your captures and interpretations were such a pleasure to look through - wonderful photography.

  8. I believe this might be a first visit to your blog?!!? I'm loving your photographic style and especially your interpretation of this week's words. I haven't tried any of textures mentioned, so I plan to hope over to Kim's blog.

  9. LOVE your grain photo! It's gorgeous! It would be perfect on the wall of a movie room. :)

  10. Grain - film - what a great idea. Awesome set!!!

  11. All are so wonderful!!!!!
    I haven't played Scavenger Hunt in quite some time .... maybe next week!!!!

  12. I love your work and it is hard to pick a favorite. My heart is smiling right now.
    Love grain very very much.

  13. Thanks for letting me know about the word verification.

  14. Wow...these pictures are AMAZING! Love 'em!

  15. I love your work!!! I'm your newest follower. :)

    Great set...simple and grain are my faves!

  16. Your photos are beautiful - I LOVE your stitch image, and the bubbles are amazing! They're all so well done - great set!!

  17. I so love your work - so inspiring and gorgeous. Love it.

    1. Thank you Ashley..that means a lot.

  18. Brilliant set this week! And I LOVE your transportation shot! So clever and really nicely composed too. It seriously rocks. xo

  19. p.s.

    You need to send your "Grain" image to WHCC to have it printed - its brilliant and certainly one that needs framing!! Love WCHH for my photo prints - amazing well done and soo professional, oh and inexpensive too! Go look em' up online. :)

  20. p.s.s. Um . . . I meant WHCC. ;)

  21. Great work! I love your simple, grain and transportation photo. Have a lovely week!

  22. Fantastic set - love them all, especially the grain shot.

  23. Fun and playful. Lovely textures too.


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