Tuesday, April 3, 2012



*Oh boy...
I had something else completely different planned to post today but Meredith over at Shutter Sisters - home  struck a chord & changed all that. In short, she talks about self portraiture & how you see your self. It's a very personal journey of self exploration. She asks what do you portray most in your images. For me? I find myself playing dress up...for no other reason than to create a character in time. It's a form of self expression, pure fantasy and artistry that's fun to explore. But it's only a small fraction of me. It doesn't show my everyday life...my morning hair, the me before what little make up I wear, me at work, driving here & there...etc etc. Lately, self portraiture has been gnawing at me & is starting to have a deeper meaning that I'm hoping the NOW YOU Project will help me BECOME a better me, which btw, happens to be my word for the year. But even that has a different meaning since I first chose it. I've come to realize & more importantly ACCEPT that my photo journey is constantly changing & evolving and taking paths chosen by me or directionally changed by other forces. I'm finding it necessary to dig a little deeper in order for me to BECOME who & what I think I can achieve. I know it's in me...
growing group of like-minded friends ready to begin the journey of self
I'm going to bravely and publicly face my personal demons!
Happy Snapping!


  1. You are so stunning Sista!!!
    I am envious of your self-portraits.
    And your writing is wonderful .... I stumble through words but they just seem to flow from you.

    1. D-just write from your heart. And don't think there isn't creative lighting and angles going on to avoid the very reason I'm doing the Now You class. Xo

  2. This is an amazing portrait...WOW! I have not done a selfie in ages. I went through 2 years of self exploration with that. And wow...what a tumultuous 2 years it was to say the least. But it really was the pinnacle of my transformation into the person I am today.

  3. You look beautiful, Kelly :)

  4. What a beauty! And a heart to match ♥

  5. thinking of taking the class too. you are beautiful as always! xo

  6. Gorgeous portrait !
    Best regards,



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