Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I AM...


*Here is PROOF.
Have you seen Kristen's post over at the Shutter Sisters - home ?
Holy Crap does her article speak to VOLUMES! I bet it speaks to you too if you are a woman and of any certain age!
 Monday starts the 6wk NOW YOU self portrait journey and this is my version of my big toe dipping into the cold depths of facing fear, erasing the negative, and focusing in on the positives. 
Is this you...
You look in the mirror & right away zero in on negatives. And we reinforce that every single dang time we look in the mirror....or worse...when someone ELSE wants to take our picture. You are always behind the camera. I know your kids are here. I see there photos. You have chronicled their lives in rich detail. But what about your life? Where's your proof?
 How about this....The next time you look in the mirror, find something good. Fight it if you have to. Tell that face staring back at have really pretty eyes. Make them pop, highlight them, dress them up. I bet at least one person will notice!  Do it the next day and the next, find something GOOD. Accentuate it and maybe, just maybe those old zingers can be replaced with much deserved self respect from the one person that it should matter the most to...
Attitude is everything.
Are you here...really here?
Happy Snapping!


  1. Kelly, you are beautiful!!!
    Beautiful!!!! Beautiful!!!
    Let's tackle this together :-D

  2. yes! this is stunning proof. thank you.
    XO kristin

  3. I really do need to take a dang photograph of myself... Okay, okay... I will soon. Promise!

    You are so beautiful Kelly. Inside and out. xo

  4. So natural and beautiful!

  5. i too am taking the class and am truly excited for the journey...even though i know some of it {if not much of it} will be difficult. your words, and your proof are beautiful. :)

  6. You are a natural beauty my dear :)

  7. Gorgeous! I like the natural look and the real you!

  8. Yep, you are here and you are beautiful. Thank you for this lovely post!!

  9. ...visiting you for the first time via the Texture Tuesday crowd and just had to leave a comment about this selfie...SO FAB. I read Kristen's post earlier & it really got to me - big time - and it's very inspiring to see what you've done with it. So beautifully done ;>]]

  10. I don't do selfies... unless I'm hidden...

  11. Just visited your blog a little and came upon this are gorgeous! And yes I am one of those women! Love the text.


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