Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Getting real...

...or pretty darn close!

* Can I just tell you that 6 months ago I wouldn't dream of putting something so untouched for the  blogging world to see. This is speaking volumes to my commitment and freeing myself of bondage and holding myself hostage. I had a light bulb moment today. I'm like big dingbat-People I come in contact with in my everyday life don't see me all photoshopped and touched up...Uh....they see   a woman who is doesn't cover any part of her, who isn't afraid to put herself out there, laugh, joke, goof off or be anything or anybody other then just herself.
I took this for NOW YOU
The prompt is to find the light and go against something that doesn't come naturally to me. Believe it or not, I avoid this side of my face. But today, as comfortably as I can, I'm revealing a "side" of me and I'm really ok with it.
Talk about freeing yourself!

Black and white can be scary!

Do NOT adjust your screens...

I'm cutting loose!
Happy Snapping!


  1. You look amazing! It must feel so freeing to open up yourself like this. Bravo!

  2. i love that you are cutting loose!!!! love it.

  3. Kelly, these are wonderful. What a beautiful smile you have. I especially like the black and white one... amazing.

  4. It's so wonderful seeing you like this. I love your warm and natural smile. You have nothing to hide my dear! xo

  5. Wow!
    You're looking so carefree!!!
    And I love your flippy do!
    What is that second shot of????
    I just can't figure it out :-)

  6. Kelly, these shots are amazing and you are incredibly beautiful WITHOUT the touch-ups! I cannot help but to marvel over how many of us are afraid to just "be ourselves," fearing that we aren't 'enough.' What a wonderful thing you are doing for yourself. How sincerely empowering! And it looks good on you. :) You go, girl! xo

  7. Love these Kelly...and yes, you should see how I just ran over to my local grocery store to get some fruit for tomorrow's breakfast! We need to drop our masks and just BE!


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