Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Love...

...New York

*This city is amazing, the people, the vibe, the art, the skyscrapers...There's never a dull moment & always something to look at. Although, summer isn't necessarily the ideal weather to visit...unless of course you like sweating profusely! But sweating aside, it's a city to marvel at with so much going on all the time. I'm glad I had Frankie to get through it all...cause I'd pretty much be wondering aimlessly! This was our view on the deck of the cruise ship as we started our sail up to Canada. 

*This may have been our last family vacation if Austin is fortunate enough to be selected to go to the Naval Academy, so I really went a little nutty shooting him when ever I got the chance. He's easy on the eyes!
 We got home early evening Sat., school/work started on Monday for Austin and I. You know how you need that down time AFTER a vacation? Yeah, well, I didn't get it! Today is the 1st day that I actually feel like I'm catching my breath. It's good to be back at work, getting through the anxious moments of finding time to do everything I want to do and that needs to be done. Finding that balance telling myself, it all works out in the end...somehow!
Happy Snapping!


  1. Eerie in that first shot that there's a plane to the right .... great shot of the city.
    New York City is quite the adventure.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your vacation shots.
    Nice Austin photo!
    mwah! **hugs**

  2. A quick trip to NYC sounds very fun - heat aside because I am an advance level sweater - profusely doesn't begin to cover it (cursed menopause). You do have a very handsome son and good luck to his endeavors to get accepted at the Naval Academy.

  3. so glad you got to enjoy a vacation with your son...they do become far and few between as they get older...and you are definitely right, he is very easy on the eyes. Hope that dream of his getting accepted to the Naval Academy becomes a reality. Take it easy this weekend...first week back is always the hardest!!

  4. All of the buildings - old and new - amaze me. I love how you find brick next to steel and glass. You captured it perfectly. I hope Austin hears soon and that you can squeeze in more family time with him.


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