Monday, August 20, 2012

Sisters of the...


*Oh my...when Frankie suggested a cruise to Canada, I didn't bat an eye. He was telling me about the great deal he found & that the ship stopped in St. John, New Brunswick and Halifax, Nova Scotia. I was So excited just to be going away. Then I literally stopped in mid sentence & said "hey...wait a minute...I think Nicola lives in NB." I met Nik here:
well over a year ago. We meshed immediately. I sent her a text right away asking her how far away did she live from the cruise line's port. She said, "an hour why are you coming up?" Well, screaming ensued and plans were set and we just couldn't wait to meet.

You know how you meet people for the 1st time and you just know you were meant to be friends?
That would be us! 
Nik's a jumper. Me? Not so much. But after Hugs...LOTS OF hugs, introductions and tears...LOT OF tears, I grabbed Nik's hand & said, "we gotta go jump!"
      So we did!

We walked to this amazing, quaint little restaurant, and ate and drank! The food, the wine, the company the chocolate cheesecake we shared was just so memorable. 

*Gift giving was fun! Beach glass...oh my, I get so many compliments on this necklace. I adore it. You know...I have to get back to Canada to scour the beaches for my own beach glass. I want jars and jars of it!

*One can NEVER have too many guardian angels around!

* Lmao...this makes me laugh. During the course of our lunch, we were talking about the "self proclaimed redneck jacuzzi." I swear that's how these guys introduced themselves to anyone who stepped in the water. Nik gave each of us a dare...Frankie's dare was to sit in the jacuzzi, w/his newly acquired Canadian hat & the funny guy from Kentucky in the background....check

*Dare #2...I had to jump with the jumbotron in the background....check
Austin didn't do his "Titanic" imitation...So we'll have to do a raincheck dare. Frankie and I have it all planned out! (insert evil laugh!)
Yup...Nik and I are truly... 

Sisters of the heart.

Happy Snapping!


  1. Awww...this makes me so happy! You better Holla when you come to Chicago!! :)

  2. Yep, loved everything about this. And when Deanna came to Galveston, it was so incredible to meet someone in person that I had already met in cyberspace. Love, Loved your jump shots. I'm smiling, see -----> : )

  3. Okay .... so I'm jealous .... yup! I'm jealous.
    Seriously, so glad you two met.
    Loved hearing about it and love the shots!

  4. Oh what a fun, fun post. I love it that you met your cyberspace friend and spent such a great time together. You are such a cutie, you look like a teenager (did that brighten your day??) You better make it to Chicago one of these days...Kim is from here so maybe we can get her up here at the same time. How fun would that be??

  5. How fantastic is that - to meet up in real life and it 'just fits'. Love your post and pictures.

  6. oh my sweet little sister- I LOVE the shots, love your words, love the time we spent together!!! It was a dream day and it was just the best to meet you, Frankie and Austin. I hope we can meet again!
    And I snorted out loud when I saw the "dare" shots! You guys rock!!!!
    Hugs to all of you!!!

  7. This post is full of joy! How fun to meet a friend and to adventure to new places. Love the sea glass necklace. (I've been talking about sea glass, too. It just doesn't appear at my beach for some reason....)And the dare shots were just too good.


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