Friday, August 3, 2012


Ah the good ole days! 
We bought an 8mm Bell & Howell projector... transfer these...

...but we didn't get very far. The magic of time and technology didn't make this projector work any better than it probably was back in the day! Frankie thinks he fixed the problem. 
In the meantime...
...she's a dream to shoot!
Thank you for your sweet comments on yesterday's post. I knew through this sisterhood more than one of you could relate! 
Happy (summer) Snapping!


  1. Your model is pretty fabulous in these pictures. I remember watching my husband's family's old home movies when we were snowed in one time. It was mostly a lot of fun!

  2. Wow, does this bring back old family memories - what a beauty!!

  3. We had one of these that my Dad would tinker with. How fun they were...thanks for the memories!! Love these shots, they are gorgeous!!


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