Thursday, August 2, 2012

Nostalgia... bittersweet

It started with me being alone last night. I dropped Austin off at a meeting & Frankie was out doing "guy" stuff and I was roaming the house...Yes...I roam my house and I wound up in Austin's room.  Wandering...

...amongst the mountain of books and model planes. 
...all my memories and trying to keep as much of that little boy as I can without sounding freakish!
Somedays are a little harder than others. Some days I feel guilty pleasure thinking about all the fun Frankie and I will have once the last of our flock flies off. I mean, this IS what you work towards as a parent. You just never really think when you bring that baby bundle home how fast that day gets here. I know it's nearing for's around the corner.
 I know with only 2 weeks before school starts the days will be hurried...I'll be trying to grind them to a halt...knowing full well it's a lost cause. So, I will roam...remember...and preserve
each and every moment.
Happy Snapping


  1. I feel as if I took a picture of every second of every moment of my daughter's final year in high school, knowing that it would be the end to what we had established as our 'normal'. It seems like with the hustle of a Senior getting into college, all the hours get sucked out and before you can gasp for air, they are walking across the stage to accept their diploma. Roam and remember.

  2. What a sweet, sweet post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!!

  3. You sound like such a sweet mom.... I'm sure he will have mixed feelings, too.

  4. Yes, oh yes, I hear you. And while my 'last of the flock' ain't anywhere near the flying time, I do have one that is. And it is quite frankly freaking me out to be honest. We've got two weeks before school starts here for him too, and then it's bust our butts to get him prepared (and he will be busting right along with us), for what comes next. And yes, I cannot believe how fast time went by. I cannot believe that little bundle of joy I brought home some seventeen years ago is now going to be a Senior in High School. And then . . . will eventually want to fly. :(

    (sniff... sniff...)

    So, I prepare and, like you, hold onto as much as I can, without being freakish (lol), and I like the idea of preserving. Thanks for that. xo

  5. I've been feeling the same way, knowing school is going to start soon and then the time will really fly. We've still got some time until the last one leaves home, but the oldest will be gone before we know it. And I wander around in his room sometimes too (usually when I'm supposed to be dusting) and remember where all his stuff came from. That shot you took could have just as easily been in my house--all those Star Wars Books, for sure!

  6. The time, it flies by... hugs!

  7. My sons are now nearly 29 and 32 and I still think if I go back to that house in the Cayman Islands where they grew up I will find the two tow-headed little boys. I remember how their faces would light up just at the sight of their "mommy" =)


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