Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Where ever you go...

...go with all of your heart

*Linking up with Kim over @  Kim Klassen cafe 
for the free and easy e-dition using her new URBAN texture and sweet new clone stamp. 
 Sometimes I feel like Kim has been inside my head when all of a sudden the perfect texture or stamps come out.  Maybe it's because as women we all go through the same trials, have the same worries, care a great deal about those we love and hold dear. We also have a tremendous capacity to share in one another's tender moments and joyous occasions. Whoa...Not sure where all that came from! In any case,  I'm following my heart...with more confidence these days slow but sure footed!
Happy (summer) Snapping!


  1. I hear ya Kelly!! Gorgeous image and editing...I still need to download that texture, I had already edited my photo and didn't want to suck any more time than I needed, haha! Have a wonderful day my friend!! xo

  2. How true.
    Love the photo and the texture work.
    I just downloaded that texture. Now, I need to go play with it.
    Happy Snapping, to you....

  3. And you follow your heart so beautifully my sweet friend. xo

    This is lovely, by the way.

    Happy Tuesday. <3

  4. Ahh, I am lovin' this post...your words, your photo, your processing, everything is wonderful!! Big Hugs!

  5. This is a wonderful photo and your editing is great too!

  6. Amazing shot Sista! It's beautiful!

  7. Isn't it nice to be able to follow your heart? It seems that doing so takes time and practice sometimes. It doesn't always come easily. And I'm loving the texture, the flower, and the quote here. This looks like something good for your Instacanvas shop.

  8. Perfect pairing of quote and photo. Love this daisy - it looks like I feel.

  9. Such a wonderful picture together with a wonderful quote - I love it!

  10. gorgeous photo and editing!


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