Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Third time's...

...a charm
*Happy sigh*
 I just have to say I've missed being here with you. Priorities have a way of rearranging your life and instead of fighting it, I'm just rolling with it knowing that everything evens itself out eventually.
This entry is dedicated Deanna, over at
Her and I have been exchanging emails and she's so sweet patiently waiting for me to post. That is such a compliment. I guess the first thing I'll share with you is my first canvas (12x12) with my photo on it.

Here it is! Oh my gosh I love it! I cried for 5 minutes staring at it! The service was speedy but that might have more to do with the fact that it's printed in Santa Monica which is like 20 miles from me. Second, I'm blown away that my little iphone takes pics with such clarity. Third, quality work from & I have it proudly displayed. Remember when your mom bronzed your baby shoes? This photo is like that, only 21st century style...because these are "my baby's" shoes forever immortalized on canvas.

One reason I haven't really been blogging is because I made a decision to buy camera #3 (hence the title today!) I've upgraded from the 50D to the 60D and she came yesterday! (yes she's a she...I'm a camera whisperer!) So in the meantime, I packed my other cameras away so that nothing happened to them before I had a chance to sell them!

  Remember how I said life is crazy busy here? I got to take ONE photo yesterday and this was it! Oh...I'm in love already and I can't imagine needing or wanting anything else!

Meet Matilda!
 LMAO...crazy right? But Frankie laughed when I called her a she & I needed a name for her. Matilda was the first thing that fell out his mouth, it made me smile & I went with it. I Love the fact that Frankie takes an interest in my hobby!
Looking at my pic...I probably should go clean my lens...and color my hair...and the list grows...
Until next time,
Happy Snapping!
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  1. I LOVE that you name your camera! I got my 5d on Monday and named her Valentina (which means healthy and strong). I think you and Matilda will make beautiful photos together! :) Congrats! And I love that canvas!!!

  2. Love the new photos taken with Matilda. Now I need to name my iPad

  3. Love the canvas and YEAH! and congratulations on the new camera. Mine is aptly referred to as "my baby" by the entire family - no particular gender (perhaps I should inquire).

  4. 1. That canvas is freakin' AWESOME!!!!! Wow!
    2. That flower shot is freakin' BEAUTIFUL!!!! Wow!
    3. Hello Matilda!!!! You are going to love love love love that camera! ♥

  5. Oh, Kelly, you are just too sweet. I LOVE your canvas, it is spectacular, you should be VERY proud. AND congratulations on your new camera, how terrific. And I am so happy to see this post!!

  6. Oh snap, that canvas turned out so awesome!! So cool to see the canvas after seeing it on instagram. And Matilda, love it! I still haven't named mine....I'll have to pass that by the family, could get interesting!!

  7. I love that canvas! It's a beautiful piece of art and so neat that it has such personal meaning to you. Camera-wise, Matilda sounds like a perfectly good name. Can't wait to see what you two come up with!

  8. It looks great! Congrats again!!! xo

  9. YAY for Matilda! I have the 60D and I love it too. I can't help lusting after the new mark iii though. That girl is wayyyy out of my budget right now so I'm so happy I stumbled upon your blog and seeing how gorgeous this camera still is. :)


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