Thursday, July 5, 2012

Theoretical vs...


Hi friends! Not to worry~I'm not going to get all philosophical on you, well not too deep anyway. Don't want to lose you!
 So, Yesterday...4th of July...fireworks...once a year...

I understand the theory of shooting fireworks-

*But it's the practical part I only get once a year to test the theory...

*A series of camera remote malfunctions, too close, wrong lens, too many people that my "best" spot from last year was taken, blah blah blah...

*But I had to show proof that I tried putting the theory to a practical use!
The perfectionist in me says "ugh...are you REALLY putting those up?" 
The "other" part of me is telling the perfectionist to shut the heck up!
Guess who won? 
And in conclusion, (because all "great" (cough) philosophers say that (wink))
There's always next year!
Happy Snapping


  1. I don't think you need to worry about next year. You got it right this year in my opinion. These are great. I've never managed anything even close to this!

  2. What are you talkin' about????? These are great!!!!!
    You need to give ME lessons!!!!

  3. What the heck do you think is wrong with these?? They are terrific. Don't be so hard on yourself. And btw, I have tried Excedrin PM and everything else over the counter but no workee!! And I was on the real prescription stuff for 5 years until I started walking and eating in my sleep. I slept, but gained weight.

  4. Well, for starters . . . what are you thinking? These are fabulous my dear. I think I only got a couple of good ones, and I did have to ask a gentlemen after a while to please have a seat (yes, he was standing right in front of me). We haven't watched fireworks at home since we moved here as we are usually visiting family so we weren't sure where the best ones were . . . we picked wrong, that's all I can say! ; ) Oh, and if you did get philosophical you wouldn't lose me.

  5. The clarity and color on these is wonderful and the spirit of them far exceeds that "perfect" shot - not that I discourage attempting the "perfect" shot, but sometimes it is right before your eyes, only with a slightly different definition.

  6. Holy Jumping Jack! These sure as heck BLOW my firework images AWAY! I think they are quite wonderful!! WOW! I'm all jelly now... LOL... ;)


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