Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's a beautiful day... the neighborhood

*Happy July 1st & what a perfect day it is too. It's 3:45 p.m. & the temp. is barely hovering at 80*, my windows and sliders are open & a gentle breeze is blowing. That's MY kind of summer!  I decided to share a typical morning at the Kardos household with you. My feathery friends did NOT disappoint! The shot above? There's ongoing battles pretty much all day to see who gets to actually drink from the feeder.

*This is Poe the Crow. I love this guy & his wonky feathers to no end. These birds are incredibly smart. Did you know crows possess the ability for face recognition? I kid you not. Poe and I have a whole routine to feed him. He allows me to get pretty close to him. I know it's Poe by his distinctive color and by how close he actually gets to me.  I like to push the envelope with him. 

*I've blogged about the scrubs in the past but I tell ya, I love these guys as well. They remind me of velociraptors. They are equally as smart and VERY territorial. There are 2 clans & they really go at it.
What do they LOVE?

*Peanuts! This is the bait! I actually imitate they're bird call whistling and the clunk of the peanut on the table brings them right to me...
Why here's a taker now!

He's brave and doesn't mind me or my camera's lens shooting him.
Isn't he cute?

*This one actually "weighs" the peanuts! He picks one up, drops it, picks another one up, drops it, goes back to the 1st one, drops it...this will go on till he finds the heaviest. 
But you know, every story has a villian right? 

*Just look at her. Evil I tell you...pure evil. These squirrels destroy any and every nice thing you own. Unfortunately, they come with the territory. (shivers) 
It's always busy here...busy busy busy like we own a zoo or somethin'!
Happy Snapping!


  1. oh kelly..."hovering at 80"...i don't even remember what under 100 feels like!! sounds heavenly. i don't recall where you live? i just love all the critters (except the squirrel) in my back yard. we have had more than our share of them recently due to the drought. some of the birds have their beaks open, i suppose to cool off. yesterday we spied 2 deer in the middle of the golf course trying to drink from the irrigation nozzle! poor things. your pics are cute. did you see the special on the crows on P.B.S. so interesting, yes they are SMART.
    take care,

    1. Hi Erin! I live in the valley outside of L.A. I sure don't want to Jinx anything but a few summers ago we had over 110* by this time. I hated it. Yes I did see that show about crows. It was fascinating. It turned my dislike Of these birds to absolutely in awe of them! Thanks for popping in!

  2. What great shots and stories to go along!!!! I absolutely love it! And **shiver** I have a dislike for squirrels .... they are merely rats with fluffy tails!!!!!
    Hey, how do you attract your hummingbirds? I have a feeder....they came once.....and no more! :-(

  3. Wow! Those bird shots are all so amazing!

  4. Oh, my, goodness, your bird shots are fabulous! I especially love, love the one of the bird standing beside the peanuts for the weighing-in ceremony. And as an English teacher, Poe the Crow might steal my heart. I've never been able to get that close. I'm wondering whether or not you use a telephone lens. Even with mine, I haven't been able to capture beauties like these.

    1. Thank you!! I use a 55-250 that wants to be a 100-400 when it grows up!!

  5. Love these. I like how you describe the moment.

  6. I love that I knew who you were talking about as I read this. NO JOKE, it is like a zoo at Kelly's house. The critters even know when it is feeding time and it is funny to see them hover around until she get's her nuts out! LOL Great story, Kelly Ann. YOU ROCK!

  7. I absolutely LOVE this post! I found you through Texture Tuesday and I couldn't help but comment on this post. I love your description of your relationship with these birds. We have cardinals in my yard and I know their call and can imitate it an coax them out of hiding. So much fun!


    1. Thanks Barbara. This made me smile.


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