Friday, March 6, 2015


mixed with
Random 5 Friday with Nancy
(Welcome back've been missed)
and a pinch of
Brave the Shave chronicles #3 

If you know anything about me, you'll know I'm a sucker for anything French. I literally just swoon at the very idea of a white shabby chic room that has hints of a French countryside. So imagine my excitement when I struck up a conversation with Angela, a vender I visit monthly at the Vintage Faire, when she told me about Little French Flea Market! Basically it's a smallish warehouse full of French themed items that the owner, Ann, opens to the public once a month. It's jammed packed from floor to ceiling with stuff. I found these two adorable spoons digging through a basket full of silverware. 
The wooden pinch bowl is from Cost Plus World Market. I'd rather not shoot glass items so when I found it, I snagged it like it was the last wooden pinch bowl on earth!

The vintage towels were found at a French flea market last month.
Now let's talk Chocolate! Found gluten free cupcakes at Trader Joe's and they are so indescribably delicious with a moist chocolate cake and all that pink butter cream frosting! {THUD}

Frankie & Austin have ganged up on, convinced me that if I'm going to do something crazy,  brave, I might as well go all the way...soooo before I go bald for St. Baldrick's , I'm getting a mohawk. Maybe even a green one!
I've raised $1,115.00. so far and I am just filled to the brim with all the love, support and donations ya'll have given me so freely. I have an IG/ blogging friend, Chelsea Chamness, who is a childhood cancer survivor and I've asked if I can shave in her honor...she said YES! Not only that, she only lives about an 1.2 hrs. away and I've invited her up for the event. THAT would be amazing. 

I'm baking Chicken for dinner tonight and I've made Bisquick Granola Bars for the kids' dessert!

Happy (cupcake eating) snapping!

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  1. Your photos make everything look delicious! A green mohawk for Saint Paddy's Day would be good.

  2. Really great shots, Kelly. I love the spoons, the salt, the towels ...

  3. Those are very pretty spoons. I can see why you bought them. That cupcake looks "to die" for delicious.
    Wow a that is a bold statement.

  4. I want to do to that French Flea Market when I am next in California. Let me know when it is open during the month. I think you would look fabulous in a green mohawk. We have a green theme going on at Focusing on Life flickr need to do a selfie and post!! Congrats on raising all that $$, and what fun to meet Chelsea. She is a sweetheart!!

  5. Great finds and great composition. Awesome shots...

  6. What fabulous 'finds' you found! That doesn't sound quite right but you know what I mean. I love that little wooden pinch bowl, so unique and so cute. And, Kelly, I can't tell you how proud I am of your St. Baldrick's endeavor. Kudos, my friend.

  7. French love for sure! Wish I could find stuff like that here!!
    A Mohawk .... green at that ... would be awesome!!!!
    How did I not know Nancy and her Random 5 Friday was back???
    xoxo **hugs**

  8. Ooh La La! Love all the Frenchy stuff -- and bless your heart for supporting your friend like that. xo

  9. Oh that French warehouse sounds delightful. I am sure I would go crazy with finds. You might as well do the mohawk you have nothing to lose :)

  10. Green mohawk! Go girl! And for everything French - come over and visit me in our old farmhouse in France the sticks but with the most desirable flea markets!!!

  11. Loving you new French Finds.. Gorgeous photos my friend.. A green Mohawk, Why not!! Two thumbs up..


  12. Wonderfulness here...again! HAPPY MONDAY, KELLY!

  13. The French flea market sounds wonderful! I love the vintage towel and the spoons are great find too! Green mohawk... that may be even braver than shaving your head. I say go for it. :)


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