Monday, March 16, 2015

Brave the Shave...

...Chronicles #3

It occurred to me this morning as I was shampooing my hair that this time next week I won't have any hair to shampoo. That though led me to another thought...

...this time next week I'll be saving about 20 minutes every day not having to blow dry OR

 have any need for hair products OR

vacuum up the ridiculous amount of hair I'm losing anyway. (I blame that on hormones!)

This time next week I won't have any need to use hair bobbles of any kinds.

This time next week I'll be using sunscreen in stead of mousse because my scalp will be at the sun's mercy for the first time...EVER! 

This time next week I won't have to ask friends for donations. That part was way out of my comfort zone and was a bit awkward.  I hope I've asked with dignity and didn't seem too pushy. 

This time next week I'll be wearing a "ASK ME WHY I'M BALD" button to further shed light and awareness of childhood cancers and the St. Baldricks foundation.

Jamie and Erik are driving down on Friday for the shave-I am so excited to have them both here for the event. 
I've raised $1200 to amount I'm very proud of...with 4 days yet to go-
(shameless plug :-) )

The kids at school are still working on something big and the only thing I know for sure is it involves  bags of toys and pizza! 

I have a sneaking suspicion that this week is just gonna buzz fly by! LOL

I've been asked a lot questions lately...

...I hope this answers some of them.

Happy Snapping!


  1. It has to be a little scary thinking its getting so close.. Scary but freeing. You are so brave. You are my Hero..


  2. You are so brave, Kelly !
    Have a nice weekend,

  3. you are wonderful!!!

  4. A great post - I hope you'll be posting another about the experience and also a full video of the hair removal! Saw bits on Instagram, but was hoping you had a longer video too.


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