Friday, March 13, 2015

Random 5...


Hello Friday...I love you so (big puffy heart)
I'm linking up with Nancy over at A Rural Journal today.

I've been suffering w/allergies for several weeks now and darn it all if I didn't get a sinus infection from it. I took Mon. & Tues. off from work, popped some aspirin and dragged myself to work on Wed. until my Drs. appt at noon. Can I just say how happy I am that we have antibiotics? 
And why is it we women (or maybe it's just me) can't be sick without all the guilt? HMPH!

The critters are big and a few have already transformed into chrysalis'.

I got home from work today and dog on it...this critter was two days into the metamorphosis and some other creature took a bite out of the chrysalis. Grrrr. I buried it...sad the world is short one less butterfly.

This one is ok...

My daughter, Jamie, gave me the cutest Eiffel Tower cookie cutter a while back. I'm scouring Pinterest for ideas on icing and decorating them. I envision pink icing with black and/or white girder piping. 

This is my last week with hair before I shave it for the big St. Baldricks event. I've been touching, twirling,  and stroking my hair WAY more than ever.

I ordered new glasses. I get them on the 23rd...2 days after my head shave. As I was trying frames on for size, I was pulling my hair back off my face to simulate no hair. Frankie helped me pick out the perfect pair. I love getting new glasses...these especially!

Happy (cookie eating) Snapping!

 Thank you
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  1. Such beautiful images, Kelly. I know you must be quite anxious and a little nervous (you have to be) about the totally bald look, but with your adorable face it won't matter a bit. My friend is quite a cookie decorator and she uses eatable pens for drawing details on her cookies.

  2. Beautiful images. New glasses are fun. We've had lots of rain that's kept the pollen count down, but with the sun coming out the trees will start to do their "thing"... sniff, sniff, sniff. St. Baldrick ... what a wonderful idea! Happy Friday!

  3. My great-grandmother called it on me when I was a young girl - I am simply not meant for the farm life. Losing a 'runt', chopping off the head of the fattened chicken, sending cows to meet their maker ---nope, nope, nope. I suspect I would be the same with butterflies.
    Best wishes on your charity and head shave. I'm heading to the eye doctor on Monday and suspect new glasses are on the horizon (it can be fun, if only it weren't so darn expensive).

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. HI Kelly,
    It must be wonderful to follow the process of transformation from a catepillar to puppy, to a butterfly... And I truly admire your courageous charity, giving your hair to support Children with cancer! Also a journey of transformation - both inside and out ... The head shave being an outward expression of your heart beating for the children!

  5. Love your images! It's like I'm right there! Can't wait to see your new glasses. Glasses are a challenge for me because my far sightedness lends to magnification of my eyes and I get self conscience in public... Ugh. I'm sure I'll get to that age where I don't care as much, but for now I mostky wear my contacts!

  6. Because of you I am developing an interest in caterpillars and butterflies! Truly amazing and interesting!

  7. Your critters are adorable! The cookie cutter is great too. My daughter just got her first pair of glasses at 13. We made a day of it, going to the eye glass stores and out to lunch. It is hard to find the perfect glasses, but well worth the effort when you find just the right ones. :)

  8. I hear ya about the allergies .... I used to get them so bad that I would get sinus infections, too. Just awful.
    The caterpillar shots are wonderful.
    I'll be thinking about you on the 21st .....
    Now go and bake yourself some cookies .... yum-yum!
    xoxoxo **hugs**

  9. Lots of beautiful photos my friend. I LOVE the Eiffel Tower cookie cuter. I do hope those antibiotics have kicked in by now and that you are feeling better.



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