Monday, June 27, 2011

Good news, Bad news...

...What a whirlwind weekend! Some of you know that I was a Navy brat & grew up all over the world. I graduated in '82 w/24 other seniors in Misawa, Japan. Because class sizes were so small, we have to have an all class reunion or a specific decade reunion. Well, those of us who could make it, met in Vegas for a mini reunion. Frankie & I couldn't make it Fri. as Austin was leaving to go to Vandenberg AFB with his Civil Air Patrol Squadron for a sports compition with 8 other area squadrons-so here it is in a nutshell:
GN-Saw Austin off-flew stand by to Vegas
BN-Didn't know there was a RAVE with 100,000 people expected and car races over the weekend.
GN-Had a blast catching up with friends in our private poolside Cabana (thank you David!) Had fun sliding down the tubes through a huge shark tank...inebriated at that!
BN-Flying stand by can be tough & our names weren't called for our 1:50 flt. (could it be all those people from the RAVE flying home?)
GN-Austin hadn't started home yet we still had some time.
BN-Next flight was in 3 hrs-& all around us flts were oversold-would we even make it on the next flt?
GN-It's a 5 hour drive to LA-we could rent a car & drive-We wanted to get home before Austin!
BN-I HATE road trips...especially through the Mojave Desert! I lost count how many cars overheated on the side of the road.
GN-Made it home by 9:30,ON a Sunday no less-30 minutes after Austin!
Oh-& Austin's squadron came in 2nd-Not too shabby for their 1st time competing.

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