Friday, June 24, 2011

Rambling... roam, wander, meander, take an irregular course-(Austin) OR chatter, talk, write without sequence of ideas, blather on & on (Me)~a mother realizing that she & Frankie have 2 short years to get the "baby" of the family ready for adulthood-one word-2meanings! And although shoes have nothing to do with the latter, they DO symbolize that Austin is well on his way to achieve his goal of attending the Air Force Academy. I took several photos of his shoes recently & I was trying to decide which one idealizes my thoughts. This one kept coming back. I didn't know why until I started editing. The shoes are facing the setting sun & away from us-but the sun will come up the tomorrow...guiding Austin to his next adventure in life...xo


  1. (Sigh!) ..... nicely said Sistah!!! Nicely said!!!!!! :-D

  2. Oh look Diane is here!

    Once Austin is at the Air Force Academy you can't visit him every weekend mom :) I have to be honest though, having my mediocre kids leave for college is a little hard!

  3. Wonderful thoughts...and this photo!!! OMG!


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