Saturday, June 22, 2013


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I'm obsessed, intrigued with anything French so I went a little gaga at some French postcards I found while antique shopping. Yesterday, I treated myself to some fresh lavender and it's happily drying upside... 

...I wanted to treat myself to a little pick me up.  My feelings are all over the place as my mom is back in the hospital (it was just a matter of time) & we're pretty sure it's for good this time. As upset as I am, I'm not even going to get into detail about this episode. I still feel my mom has a right to her dignity.  
But yet again...
I'll be flying back to Pensacola in the next week to 10 days. Another trip I dread only this time I have the gross weather to contend with. I can't even be gracious about this.

I'm only human...
can't stop the rain.

Happy (soul searching) snapping


  1. Love your vintage finds .... ooo-la-la!
    So sorry to hear that your Mom is back in the hospital ... life sure does throw us some stink bombs sometimes :-/
    Sending you love and positive vibes ... mwah ♥

  2. Sooooo sorry to learn your mom is back in the hospital. We truly are the sandwich generation, worrying about both our kids AND our parents. God bless Kelly.

  3. Kelly - I so appreciate you sharing from the heart that life isn't perfect for you right now. I totally understand your life interrupted photo. I have that feeling every time my college daughter comes home. I treasure her so much and the time we spend together, but it doesn't put such a damper on the creative side of my life.

  4. So sorry to hear about your mom. I wish you safe travels. There's no getting around the heat and humidity this time of year. :-(..

  5. Thank you for your heartfelt share. Life is not neat and tidy...EVER. And if we cannot share our sorrows, how can we share in each others' joys? So glad you can still reach down deep and continue to create!

  6. Love French postcards too, Kelly !
    Beautiful capture with the lavender !
    Sorry to hear about your mother ...

  7. Brilliant your little vignettes. And you know I will be praying for you as you make the trip to Florida.

  8. Looks like we share a love of lavender . . . and a challenging time of life as well. I help to care for my mother as she is facing declining health, too. Sometimes it's overwhelming. So glad that you are being kind to yourself. Your photos and especially the styling are lovely. My favorite, the life interrupted picture . . . well done!

  9. Your finds are lovely, Kelly. The French postcards, the lavender.... and the way you put it all together for your photographs.

    So sorry to hear about your mother. I wish my trip to Florida coincided. It would be such a joy to meet you in person. I will be with you in spirit though as you make this journey. xoxo

  10. sweet finds - love the lavender and umbrellas/mannequin!

  11. I like how you are using the model to illustrate your emotions - great creativity. Lovely composition shot and fresh lavender - sounds like a good calming thing to do. Prayers and well wishes for your journey with your mom.


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