Monday, June 17, 2013

Tattered &...


As we were preparing for a Father's Day pool party with family, Frankie yelled for me to come..."AND BRING YOUR CAMERA!" I think he was as excited as I was to see this tattered and broken winged Monarch float and flutter and lay eggs before her time is up. It was amazing to watch as she was still able to fly with such broken wings. 

 She landed long enough... lay several eggs and move on. 

She came back today.

Maybe she knew she was welcomed!

I've been so fortunate to see and be such a big part of these creatures life cycle. I'm so curious where she came from, is she one of mine, does DNA GPS get encoded and the butterflies know where to come back for the milkweed? 
I guess I'll be busy this summer...raising butterflies!
Happy (Monarch) shooting!


  1. hi kelly,
    everything about the monarchs fascinates time while vacationing at the gulf of mexico, in october, we witnessed a monarch fly by, from east to west, in front of our balcony, about every 30 seconds! we figured they must have been migrating to mexico? it was quite a sight to see. you are a good mommy to them.

  2. what a nice way to spend your summer...raising butterflies!!

  3. love you and your monarchs...

  4. I am forever amazed at the detail on butterflies and your knowledge of them is equally impressive. There are several / many species in nature that make their way back, perhaps butterflies are among them.

  5. You are the Monarch Whisperer :)

  6. Oh, Kelly, I do think she came home to lay her eggs! How exciting! You are the butterfly lady, for sure.


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