Friday, June 14, 2013



Dear Summer Vacation,

Dear Mother Nature,
Thank you for entrusting me with these critters! I'm sorry you have to put assassin bugs to harm all the others-but I managed to save this one and it has successfully turned into a chrysalis...

...thank you too for painting our world such glorious and delicious colors-

Dear People at Costco,
You drive me nuts. Most of you wander around as if comatose  catatonic. Not all of us want to spend our day waiting for food samples to be laid out-sheesh

Dear Me,
Only you have the power to make the knot in your stomach go away...well actually, Jennifer does...

Dear Jennifer at the Medicaid office in Florida,
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE approve my dad for medicaid...
I said please...
It will make the knot in the pit of my stomach go away.

Dear Husband,
I love you...

Happy (summer) snapping!



  1. Dear Kelly ..... I so enjoy your posts .... I look forward to finding you here and on Instagram. I miss our sisterhood. Mwah! ♥

  2. Ha, great minds....I did a Dear post today and happened to have a Dear Mother Nature one...sad day today, found three mauled caterpillars! So that's it, I'm taking matters into my own hands, as soon as my last chrysalis ecloses I'm changing out my netting, disinfecting everything and bringing what's left inside! I sure hope Jennifer does the right thing! xo

  3. Jennifer needs to listen up....! I hope she does what she's supposed to do, quickly, so that knot will go away. I love, love your fat caterpillars and the butterflies that they grow up to be.

    Have a great weekend! Hugs....

  4. Ahh, dear chrysalis, please stick around to charm us with your beauty. Dear Jennifer, get with it and say yes so Kelly's knot in her stomach goes away. Dear Kelly...big hugs!!


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