Friday, March 9, 2012

March 9...

* Where would we be if we didn't have music in our lives? It would not be a place I would want to spend one minute in. The first album I knew how to sing, verbatim was My Name Is Barbara by none other than Barbara Streisand...I was 5!
 I have been known to break out in song AND dance any place that music is playing (or not!)-often times at the shock and horror of my children! I can't sing worth a beans-so when we break out the karaoke machine (uh yes...we really have one!) I don't sound half bad after those few glasses of wine...the more I sip, the better I sound! :-)

This is Austin's 1st acoustic. The child taught himself how to play. He owns 2 electric guitars, that he saved up for, and he can rock it!  He plays to the band Trivium. Even though I'm not crazy about some of the lyrics, (which  he does apologize for) the music is fantastic. And really, because Austin is such a good kid, music is not the battle I choose to fight.
I feel music is just one part of how express yourself and does not define who you are. 

So get down and boogie this weekend my friends! Let the good times roll...
Happy Snapping!
Kelly Kardos


  1. Kelly, you've outdone yourself here - these are beautiful. Love the reflection on the guitar shot!

  2. Oh wow Kelly...these are fantastic. But that last shot with the Treble Cleff reflection is amAAAAAAAAzing! Sing away soul sista!

  3. OMG!
    All of the shots are great BUT that last shot is absolutely kick a$$.
    Fantastic Kelly!
    And isn't it amazing how much we think alike??????

  4. These are all so gorgeous, specially the last one, the reflection is wonderful!

  5. Kelly, these are FABULOUS!!! I love them all. Your creativity blows me away!




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