Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Today's color is...


* I was never a pink girlie girl growing up. It hasn't been until very recently that I would even give it a 2nd look. But I'm thinking I could REALLY learn to love it!

Pink delicious-ness!

My Wellies!!
I made gluten free Double Cherry Streusel Bars...
OMG delicious!
Now...this is from my archives because I had no time for a new selfie with my pink wig and tu-tu!
Yeah...I think I'm lovin' this whole pink thing!
Happy Snapping!


  1. LOL! Me too, I was always more of a tomboy of sorts, never what I called a 'girly-girl in pink'. Then I had all boys, only girl in my home. I recenlty started liking this 'pink' as well, especially mixed with grey. The magnolias are blooming here and I have shot them 3 times already. IN LOVE!
    Your photos are breathtaking!!!

  2. Oh are so beauuuutiful! Can I come play dress up with you? :). I need a tutu.

  3. Your "pinks" are amazing! Absolutely amazing!

  4. Well my fav of this bunch is absolutely you with your pink cute.

  5. love love love these shots! pink is my favorite color too! xo

  6. Wonderful pinks, I love the cherry shot, gorgeous! And wow, you are beautiful, i love your pink tutu, awesome shot!

  7. Um . . . GORGEOUS you! Seriously, you need to take more photographs of yourself, not that your flowers aren't the be all end all, but OH my goodness, you are stunning!

    Love the third photo so much, and then the food one is absolutely brilliant. You have an eye for food photography. And you look good in pink! xo

  8. This post is wonderful. I love the colors, the textures,!!
    One day you will need to teach me how to use texture, I guess I am almost ready for it.


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