Saturday, March 17, 2012

The rain, rain, rain...

...came down, down, down...
* Happy St. Patty's Day friends! I've waited ALL week for my rainy day Saturday and I'm even listening to this...
Ohh C'mon know you love a little Pooh Bear on a rainy day!
I've also waited to work on my b&w photo assignments for  
Black & White photos draw me in almost faster than anything in color. They are so full of mystery and depth. I tend to find when I go to edit, a lot more detail comes out.

*When I was playing with different conversion, I found that I liked the the PSE conversion INFRARED. I've never used it before but I liked what it did.  I shot this with full diffused rainy day light, ISO 1000, f2.2, 1/60, applied some great scratch textures and it fit my mood on this blustery day. I tend to like the distressed look too for added drama.

* Hope you enjoy your day! Think I'm going to bake something.....!
P.S. If you are visiting from BL & have a Flickr acct.,  I'm not on Flickr anymore. I'm sorry I can't comment on your work. But please know I am looking!
Happy Snapping!


  1. yes, I am finding I am really drawn to b&w eventho I have always considered myself a color gal. The sticks are great, but I really love that bottle and the handle.

  2. Such beautiful B&W shots .... I absolutely ♥ them!
    The last shot is fantastic! My fave!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day Sista!

  3. Great job with your B&W's. BW is my editing method of choice...I have to push myself to edit more in color. I just love the simplicity and focus that emerges in BW.

  4. I love love love your B&W shots! The last one is especially beautiful. I love the nostalgic feel you captured! Happy St.Paddy's to you my dear! xo

  5. Oh Kelly, I saw your comment and had to come back for an apologie. I have been so bad lately with visiting blogs... as you know life is changing. So many moves and not time to think. But things are getting better now, and I desperately need to go back to my photography and my blogger friends.
    So, don't worry about you doing something. I love all my friends comments, no matter what, because it is the only way for me to get better.
    Thanks for the prayers.. we need them.


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