Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March 7...


* I love to eat fruit-but for some reason I don't always keep it around. It's not the first thing i'll grab if i'm hungry. Usually I grab a handful of almonds or ACAI berries...which is fruit come to think of it...And they're chocolate covered! I get them at Costco in 2lb bags, I eat at least 1 bag a month. Maybe that's why my a$$ is getting bigger!

*For those of you that are following my Gluten Free baking escapades, these are photos of cherries for my next baking venture...Double Cherry Streusel Bars. I hope they come out as delicious as my GF lemon bars... Lip-smacking...

My girl, D, augcott decided to play...She's a hoot!
Go check her out.
Happy Snapping!


  1. Sista, your food shots are outstanding!
    I just love these ... especially the second shot! Dang!
    I also love your new signature .... what font is that?

  2. Oh yeah...these rock. Just beautiful Kelly...xo

  3. I love fruit and always have it around. BUT...I read an interesting and simple way to eat fruit on Pinterest yesterday night. Lord help my thighs but....stick a single chocolate chip inside a raspberry! It is the perfect pocket to hold a chocolate chip. Have mercy!


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