Saturday, March 31, 2012


So continuing on our one a month themed selfies, My girl D aug's blog
and I decided on a film noir look.

*Them sure are some red lips you can't see!  
What a glamorous time film seemed to be in those days. Wouldn't it be fun to be transported back in time, just for a bit to live it for a little bit?
I processed them just a bit different.
Now, My baby and I are gonna sit and veg out on the couch & watch Puss in Boots! 
Happy Snapping!


  1. Honest to you have a costume trunk in your house? :) I love the themes you two are coming up creative! And you look mahhhhhh velous my dear :)

  2. Lol-actually Kathy- i kinda do. The day after Halloween, I go to the Halloween stores and buy stuff 1/2 off! Frankie buys me wigs when he goes to China! :-)

  3. Then you DO have a costume trunk! LUCKY.....!!!!

    And Da-AMN... you do look mahhhhh velous!


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