Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So long...


*Oh yeah~Au Revoir, Adios, Sayonara, Auf Wiedersehen, Ba Bye (evil grin & waving!)
10 years...10 YEARS of ruined shirts, sweaters, & delicates. Ten years of yelling, cursing, crying, and angry e-mails to the manufacturer who was no help at all. Well why would they? They GOT our money. Yeah well, pffffffft to you! We bought an energy/water saver washing machine, TRYING to do the right thing. We believed (still do) in saving our precious resources AND with the rising cost of water & power, watching our pennies. BUT, this....this machine would leave dirt in the drum & all through the clothes after the spray/rinse cycle, leaving me, to TAKE the load of clothes out, CLEAN the dirt & RE-WASH the clothes, sometimes twice! Oh and bleach stories? Don't EVEN get me started. Poor Frankie, if he was home and this happened, ew wee...he got an earful. He'd so calmly ask did I want a new one. I always said no, hung my head in defeat because I really don't spend money-especially on appliances. But a few days ago-it happened! She crapped out...BIG time!! I tried really hard to contain myself...REALLY hard! I did good though, I was humble...right babe? :-)
Oh and the lipstick? I went out, found the cheapest red I could find and planted one for a proper farewell!

**Hello Beautiful...

...with your sleek, easy to control knobs & your gentle, quiet nature. You and I are going to get along JUST fine!
I think I'm in love!
hee hee
I'm such a nerd!
Happy Snapping!

P.S. I swear...some guy just knocked on the door, saw the machine sitting behind our gate and wanted to know if we were getting rid of it...
The End


  1. I feel your pain. I finally got rid of my old washer this past winter. The sad thing is, I don't like my new one either. I got a front load...bad move.

  2. That new washer looks like a beauty!!!
    Knock on wood .... *knock~knock* .... my washer is like 22 years old!!!!!
    Nice touch kissing the old appliance goodbye!!!! LOL
    You just crack me up with your story telling!

  3. Or "Hello Gorgeous!" If you ever saw the movie Funny Girl, you'll recognize the quote. Congrats on the new washer (it does make a difference when you have a tool that works!)

  4. Congratulations on your new addition to your family. Love the KISS and isn't it amazing how something like a new washing machine can make us sooo happy!!!

  5. LOL...enjoy the new love in your life!

  6. Rolling on the floor laughing my @ss off!! Kelly, you are so dang funny! ;)


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