Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 11...


* Ok, so which one are you...the ones that hate springing forward and losing an hour sleep or you don't mind losing the hour because it stays lighter longer?
Personally, I'm the latter. I'm a morning person so the extra hour of lost sleep doesn't really affect me. I am not a night owl and happy to get to bed earlier so I don't lose any more sleep than I already do. What with ambulance sirens wailing, wild animal noises, pee breaks, covers on, covers off-yada, yada, yada...

In other news...
I've decided after a hard battle of wits among myself, that I can no longer do the monthly challenge. It's fun and I enjoy it but it's too much of a time commitment & the thing is, I don't feel it's contributing to my personal goal this year. It's really me stalling...I need a swift kick in the butt. I feel like I'm going in circles grasping at fluff and not seeing a clear path to set my feet on to start traveling. I don't know which direction to go. It's easy when you have someone that goes ahead of you & you can follow in the their footsteps but it's just me...trudging along....alone, to make or break it in the world of photography.
Time...I need more of it...
oh yeah....
now we do!
Happy Snapping


  1. 1. That is the cutest dang clock! Great shot!
    2. Have you taken my thoughts and the words right out of my mouth once more????? I so hear you .... I, too, am in a struggle and am running in so many directions and I'm just frustrating myself and doubting myself.
    3. Always know that I am your biggest fan. I will always be honest with you and am here when you need me.

  2. This is so gorgeous Kelly! Love the vintage looking map and that clock is the cutest! I so understand how you're feeling, I've really been struggling to find my path and get my feet firmly on it this year. Do what makes you happy and fulfilled, I love the work you've been posting, just so beautiful!

  3. Here is my advice on the trudging alone... Step back if you need to for a bit to recharge the ol' creative battery. Do not put pressure on yourself...just let everything go and "be" for a bit. I always find that when I try too hard...nothing seems to come out right. You are an incredible photographer. And we all go through times like this. I am so glad that I quit the March challenge. I don't feel like I am a loser for not finishing. The timing is not right for me now...I have too much on my plate and right now and I don't need the additional stress. And hey, I had good intentions, but that's can do it all, even if you want to. Something's gotta give. Hang in there! xoxo

  4. Hey Kelly. I feel ya. It's like when you go on a trip, and carefully plan out the directions and what you need to do in order to get there...then all the sudden you realize you took an unwanted detour or you got a flat tire that is putting you behind schedule. Just take a step back and breathe, collect yourself, and reassess (personally I would have a glass of wine and then call AAA - but that doesn't fit into my metaphor here, haha). Seriously tho, just take some time to figure out what it is that you DO want to do..and you DON'T. This isn't life and death here, you can take time to make your choices. And once you make the decisions, don't feel guilty about any of it. Personally, I think your photography is downright beautiful and inspiring. I do not know what your goals are so I don't have any insight into if you are fulfilling them or not. But from MY perspective...I enjoy coming here and seeing your creativity and talents at work. You're doing good :)


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