Wednesday, August 10, 2011

~Aye Aye Skipper~

You know those stories where people go about their day, lets say gardening...and they dig up a small trinket or coins that end up being worth tons of money? Well, that didn't happen to me today as I was weeding!   lol
 Yeah, I figure the people that that happens to are in need & I say good for them! All I found was an empty snail shell, a bird feather, got stuck by a rose thorn-twice, grimy fingernails and mud in my eye when I yanked a weed to hard! But if I wasn't out enjoying the cool(ish) fresh air, I would have never seen that Skippers were out early today. They don't sit for very long!
 Frankie also planted milkweed for me in hopes that the Monarchs will pay us a visit next year.  Hope you are having a fabulous day! Happy Snapping!


  1. Just another great picture. I've always loved your nature pictures.

  2. haha this is beautiful Kelly. adore your processing. xoxo
    I seem to not be able to comment from my computer on your blog and came over to my hubby's to do so :)


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