Saturday, August 27, 2011


...that's me.
I had quite the morning-I plopped down in front of the t.v. to watch the much anticipated Ree from the Pioneer Woman make her debut on the Food Network. Right after the Sunrise Punch was getting served, I heard an awful noise & the house filled with a haze. Right away I'm sniffing the air for smoke-nope, don't smell anything-but there is something not right. So I dashed through the house searching for the source of the noise-running past & opening the front door to let that haze out as I am. I followed the noise upstairs & knew it was the attic fan. Shut it off...ok...THINK...adrenaline is pumping-still not smelling smoke-that's good. Try to call Frankie-he's working out at the YMCA-got his voicemail-shoot-gotta call 911.  In my calmest voice-(shaky at best) gave all the info in a clear & concise manner.  Ok-fire dept. on their way. Call the YMCA-tell the girl at the front desk the situation & Frankie needs to get home. (still holding it together). Ok...hear the siren-wait outside to flag down the engine-look up at the roof-no smoke or flames....that's good. The guys come in-I tell them what happened-they asked for a to the garage to get a ladder-then...the Captain saw IT...
IT is a helicopter Frankie is building in the garage...Yes...a real turbine engine helicopter. (I'll save that story for another time!)  The Captain was completely captivated by this vision! Hey, it's not every day you get a house call and there's a helicopter in the garage. He starts asking me all these questions & I'm thinking, "my attic could be burning can we talk about this some other time?"
Basically the attic fan overheated and has been replaced, it's working just fine & all is right in the Kardos household. After the fire dept left..I lost it-tears and all! I am NOT an adrenaline junkie to say the least-So today, I'm thankful for the Porter Ranch Fire Dept for your swift arrival & assessment. I promised to invite them back once the helicopter is up and running. It's the least I could do.
Happy Snapping


  1. So glad everything turned out okay. I think you held it together quite well. Not sure if I could have been so calm. Love your photo.... so beautiful.

  2. Glad that all is well - I am looking forward to the helicopter story now! Is that Porter Ranch, CA??

  3. Glad you're ok, so scary! We had our own fire scare last week when my husband was ironing his work shirt, my son watching, and it started sparking (the cord was broken on the inside) and his shirt caught on fire. What a commotion it caused but minimal damage and everyone safe.
    Gorgeous flower too, love the colour!

  4. Holy Smokes (no pun intended) ..... I'm so glad you are fine and that there was no damage!!! What a fantastic shot my friend .... mwah!

  5. Oh my, I'm glad you're okay. That would've been so scary. On a happier note, I love your pretty photo :)


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