Wednesday, August 24, 2011

~The Heart of the Matter...

...Is love! For my One and Only. I get these ideas & while they don't start off  cockamamie-the process to get to what I see in my minds eye can get pretty cockamamie! My "table top" was too formal looking & not my color. So I thought-"just strip it." Yeah....1/2 bottle of stripper & 3 different sanders later-I got what I wanted-but it's always Frankie to the rescue! The stain on that floor sample I use as a table top did NOT want to come off. But it's perfect...for now...until I get a NEW cockamamie  idea!
Thank you Kim Klassen for your awesome stamp!

I love keys...found these at Michaels-
Happy Snapping!


  1. great shot. those keys are cool

  2. I ♥ those keys .... going to have to go in and wander around Michaels!!!!!
    Great shot as always my friend ..... :-D

  3. awesome. love these keys and what you did with them. I bet the table turned out great xo


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