Saturday, August 13, 2011

~The Look of Love~

     So, the only room in the house I have not cleaned out was Austin's. It really doesn't do any good to force him into it-I knew he'd eventually ask for my help. That day was yesterday We spent hours meticulously going through book shelves, drawers & papers upon papers!
      With Austin turning 16 in a few weeks, I'm a hot bundle of emotions, so it was fun reminiscing back through the years & spending quality time together.
     Meet "Nigh Night Bear"! He sits on the top shelf in Austin's closet with a few other "friends" that he's not ready to dump. (Shhhh-he can NOT know I said that!) Austin used Nigh Night bear as a pillow & i'm pretty sure that's how the name came about. You can see he is well loved & was quite the world traveler!

There was ALWAYS room for a boy's best mate!
And now it's like he'll watch over that boy for ever.

The time Austin has left at home is fleeting & some days I feel like I can't catch my breath. In a blink-he'll be off chasing his dreams.
 Life's a trip Austin, I hope you'll always know the way home....Same goes for you Justin & Jamie~
Happy Snapping
Kelly (mom)


  1. Hi, Kelly,
    What a cute bear is Nigh Night Bear !
    So lovely with Austin's photo !
    Nice Sunday,

  2. You have such a way with words my friend and your emotions show through in your photos. I have an absolutely huge lump in my throat right now .... mwah .... xoxoxo


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