Monday, August 15, 2011

~The Foodie~

Well now, THIS is something I could talk about all day!  Food! Are you a foodie? 
 A foodie is defined as an amateur who simply loves all aspects of food-to eat it, study it, prepare it & just plain read about it. It's an ardent thirst for knowledge. Pure devotion & sensuous it hot in here or is it just me?!
 Ok-moving on-today I have 2 stories wrapped in one-I didn't realize in all those years of reading Bon Appetit & Gourmet & yanking endless numbers of recipes from magazines, collecting & reading cookbooks like people read dime store novels was preparing me to become a foodie! Now add one more dimension to my already passion for food-Food Blogs! I love 'em and so I bought this great book: Plate to Pixel-Which, by the way I'd seen over at The Pioneer Woman's blog.
Not ONLY is it about food, it's about taking photos of it! *swoon*
 I had already thumbed through the book several times dreaming of one day taking photos that good & as I was driving through a parking lot, I noticed a flooring store. I had a light bulb moment! I walked in, introduced myself and asked what happened to the wood floor samples once that style was discontinued. They get chucked! Now my wheels are spinning, my hearts beating a bit faster. So I explained I was an amateur food photographer (well- I am) & needed several samples to simulate table tops. He took my name & number & just happened to have a sample sitting outside (see above!) I was thrilled-not my 1st choice in woods but beggars can't be choosers & its wood-it can be stripped! I thanked the man 100 times & practically giddy I carried it to the car, loaded it-& was so excited to get home & share my excitement w/Frankie. 
Pulled in the driveway-grabbed that sample, babbled the story to Frankie & then his eyes got as big as dinner plates. Now, he's a no nonsense kind of guy- and with his big eyes & stern voice told me to PUT THAT WOOD DOWN-he said it twice-at that point, I did NOT question him like I usually do. He grabbed that slab of wood and laid it on some bushes-I brought home the biggest black widow we'd ever seen. I carried her next to my skin-twice-& twice by the grace of G-d she didn't bite me. Most people bring home cute little puppies or fuzzy kittens. Your's truly brings home spiders and great big ones at that-
Gives me the shivers-Humble Frankie doesn't think he saved my life but grateful me thinks otherwise!
So, that's your "twofer" for the day-the spider (which we let go, both our lucky day) & my new "tabletop" for foodie pics!
Happy Snapping


  1. what a great story!
    You're such a wonderful storyteller. And I ♥ your new "floor".....I gotta grow me some balls and do that at our local floor place!!! You inspire me Sistah. Much love ... mwah xoxoxo

  2. Love that book, and your floor looks great, love the butterfly too, it's gorgeous! I would have been freaking out about the spider, aargh, makes me shiver thinking about it! Great thinking to go to a floor store, and to actually follow through with it!


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