Wednesday, August 31, 2011

~Farewell... Summer!

Do you need help out the door to make way for fall?
I know some of you will moan and groan to see your summer fade-but for me living in temps in the  high 90's & low 100's just doesn't cut it for me. (Even if it IS a dry heat.)
I'm giddy with all the fall decorations in the stores!

Even in death, the last of the daisies are a thing of beauty to me.
I'll wait patiently as the dog days of summer linger for just a bit longer. The tastes and smells of Fall are worth the wait & that's when everything comes alive for me!
Happy Snapping!


  1. These are beautiful photos...I so love that fall is coming too. Three cheers for cooler weather

  2. dadgummit..I was trying to be the first to post on this one! I love daisies. These are beautiful pictures. I am so used to seeing daisies captured in full bloom. There is indeed beauty in the last breaths of life.


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