Saturday, August 20, 2011


...I'm sure!
I know I'm 100 years late having an Italian charm bracelet-but honestly...I don't care cause I'm in love with this unexpected gift from my One & Only.
Frankie was up in AK a few days ago & while out for a walk, he went to a small sidewalk fair. He knows me so well and got me off to a great start on the charms. I'm all about peace baby! He knows how much of a chocoholic I am~(i eat it every single day!) I have 11 more spaces to fill & I'm tickled pink at what I'm going to fill them with...there'll be a camera one for sure, a wine bottle, a Navy Brat, Proud Military Mom & quite possibly a happy face cause I really am one happy chick!
Happy Snapping


  1. awww.....he is a sweetheart to get you the bracelet!! and your image of it is lovely. btw...your capture of the hummer in your last post is amazing! we have hummers here and i have thought of taking their i am inspired to try....i spose a tripod and patience will help.
    happy weekend to you,

  2. Aren't unexpected gifts nice to receive? It's a lovely bracelet.
    Now go and pour a glass of merlot for me!

  3. What a good guy. That's such a nice gift :)

  4. Awww, that Frankie is a sweetheart. Let me tell you a story about how I got my Italian Charm Bracelet. One Christmas Mike had gone out shopping and he just kept telling me that he knew I would love my gift but that he owed me an "R". I was like, what the hell are you talking about. Anyway, Christmas morning I was opening my gifts and he had bought me an Italian charm bracelet and had Spelled out. I Love You Ambe....He owed me an "R"...Awww, our boys are too sweet.

  5. Thanks ladies...
    Amber....did you ever get your "R"?
    what a guy!


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