Friday, April 21, 2017



Hello Friday, I've been waiting for you.

Dear Ripsime,
I knew it was going to be hard when you left the school...I just hadn't planned on it being this hard.  Fifteen years, 180 days a year is a long time to all of a sudden not hear your laughter, smell the burnt popcorn, see your smiling face greeting me as I sign in and spend 5 minutes enjoying your perfectly brewed coffee and a quick chat before class. You were the pulse of Castlebay my dear friend. Honestly, as hard as this is, I couldn't be happier and more proud of you moving up and on for yourself. You are such a selfless woman that you deserve this change more than anyone I know. I look forward to the girls nite out...Where ever we go-they're not gonna know what hit 'em! 
Till then my friend...

Dear Artful Blogging,
You are dream maker...Yes you are.

This was the longest 4 months waiting for the summer issue to arrive-but TOTALLY worth the wait!
I've already read it from cover to cover and to see my photos and my words gracing the pages still seems surreal. 

You see, I take full responsibility in my part for not buckling down in school and being an outstanding student. I chose a path that regrettably didn't include college but, and it's a BIG but, have learned so much as an instructional aide for the past 15+ years. I literally have learned basic writing skills that allowed me to compose my article with a certain confidence working side by side with the most creative and hardworking teachers I know. I couldn't be more proud to use what I've learned to accomplish something as big as this. Now my kids understand why I'm tough on them about creative writing. I wrote a note of gratitude to all the teachers yesterday. I thanked them for having their part in my drive to write the best story I could. I know I am not their intended audience, but I reminded them they never know who's listening and learning. 

I'm soaking in all the good fuzzy feelings this experience has brought me...
So thank you for helping a regular gal fulfill a dream. 

Dear Dad,
Remember when Mom was asked to do the advertising for a new banking concept and her photo was plastered in the local paper, on mailings and billboards, and strangers would stop her in random places that recognized her? Well, you told me that everyone in this life gets to enjoy 15 minutes of fame...
 ...I can stop waiting for mine!



  1. That is so cool that you featured in the magazine. I have to get down to B&N to pick up my copy. Congratulations, my friend, you are so deserving of this recognition!!

    1. Thank you Deanna. The responses have been so beautifully supportive. I'm still walking on cloud 9. Xo

  2. Look at you being featured!!! Way to go!!

  3. Hi Kelly, many congratulations on being published! I cannot wait to get my copy ... I'm so excited to see you there! So very well-deserved my friend xo

  4. Well deserved, and more to come I am sure.


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